Opinion: My thoughts on Spurs last night, rest of the season and the manager search

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Last night was the most fun I have had watching Spurs in ages. People will say it was only a relegated Sheffield Utd BUT we 100% would have been struggling even with that fixture a few weeks ago. We looked sharp, aggressive, attacking and pushed from the front. Great to watch!

One thing that stood out for me was Harry Kane. Take him out of that game and nothing changes. He didn’t score, assist or create any goals. That gives me great confidence that we actually have people who can step up without him having to play/play well every week.

Now… Gareth Bale. I have seen people question his desire which has always baffled me. He loves Tottenham, that is a fact. But this is a Bale in his 30s now. It’s more a case of creating him chances and watching him finish them rather than him creating his own.

The Welshman is as clinical as ever, shown by that hat-trick. What’s more, an attacking possession brand of football just suits him more. He didn’t dislike Spurs, he was indifferent about Jose Mourinho, there is a difference. We NEEEEED Gareth Bale back next season in some form!

As for the return of Alli, Dele was good in spurts which was nice to see. Just needs to simplify his game a little while he gets back to fitness, then we can see the best of him again.

Onto Mourinho. Spurs need a rebuild, that is not up for debate. But I do believe that Jose made things look worse in 2021. He stifled the attacking talent (beyond the solo efforts of Kane/Son) and put emphasis on our weakest areas.

Had we played free, open and attacking football from the start, we would have been nowhere near the title but we would have comfortably been in the top four. Towards the end, he made us look worse than we were, in my opinion. This is a pattern with Jose towards the end of jobs.

In my opinion, we need one younger CB with great potential, one experienced top class CB, one modern-day right-back, a new creative attacking mid to replace Eriksen and a new striker this summer.

In terms of the manager hunt, perhaps we Spurs fans are too hung up on the who. As long as they are progressive and attacking, I don’t mind who. Under the current regime, they will be dictated upon by Levy and co anyway so I don’t think a big name would make a difference.

What Spurs need is Levy to take a step back from the football side, to bring in a new Director of Football and hire a promising progressive manager. This is an important part of the rebuild. Levy is an excellent businessman but it makes no sense for him to control transfers.

All in all, I just want to see us finish the season strong. 100% wins and see if Chelsea/Leicester slip up. If not, at least we would finish with some entertaining games with Kane, Son and Bale smashing in the goals. Let’s enjoy watching Spurs again…please

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  1. Your article merely highlights why exactly it is essential that control of football related matters needs to be wrestled away from Dan Levy as a whole. If there must be someone overseeing the next managers decision making then Tottenham would be better served by employing a capable director of football as opposed to letting Levy continue to run like a proverbial Bull in a china shop. Personally speaking i still think it hugely important whom the club appoint as the next manager and for me is between Rangnick and Allegri as the strongest candidates still potentially available, Mason may be doing okay presently but was out of his depth for the Carabou Cup final and in all honesty I don’t believe he has the depth of experience requisite to successfully master the role on a full-time permanent basis


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