Opinion: Player ratings from Tottenham’s defeat to Chelsea – A one rating for someone

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Three Premier League defeats in a row for Tottenham against Liverpool, Brighton and now Chelsea so the less said the better.

Let’s take a look at how the individual players got on:

Hugo Lloris – 6 – Nearly got to the penalty which is the story of our season, Lloris can’t quite dig that defence out of trouble. Some decent saves along the way.

Serge Aurier – 6 – Seemed more energetic than most but wasn’t able to get forward too much due to the lack of build-up play. Defended pretty well, especially that last-ditch challenge on Werner.

Toby Alderweireld – 5 – Defended pretty well but his passing out from the back was non-existent. I wouldn’t mind the long balls forward but they also rarely hit the mark.

Eric Dier – 1 – I can’t even begin to understand what was going through his mind there. He had bumbled his way through the hard part, why then swipe his legs away?

Ben Davies – 3 – Felt a bit sorry for him because he did look for forward passes, but no one showed for him. Unfortunately, he was also suspect defensively.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg – 4 – Covered ground and got stuck in as usual, but where was his normal link-up play on the pivot. Sideways passing or misplaced balls, that was it.

Moussa Sissoko – 4 – Same issues as Hojbjerg really. Sat in deep but rarely showed for the ball when his defenders needed him to be the link between defence and attack.

Tanguy Ndombele – 6 – Strangely enough, probably the Spurs player who put in the most effort. Wanted to press from the front, but did so alone. A bright spark on a dull night.

Steven Bergwijn – 5 – A few nice runs from Bergwijn but he looks like a player wearing Mourinho-shaped shackles at the moment.

Heung-min Son – 3 – An absolute bystander in that game. Usually, he stands up in the absence of Kane but, at the moment, he is fading into the background. Missed his one good chance in the final minute.

Carlos Vinicius – 6.5 – Some nice centre-forward hold up play and flick-ons. The only problem was that no one was anywhere near him. Felt really sorry for Carlos tonight. Should have done better with his late headed chance.


Lucas Moura – 6 – Came on and looked brighter than most, to be fair.

Erik Lamela – 6.5 – Same as Moura. Maybe making a case for a start against West Brom.

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  1. We looked like a third division team. I didn’t see anyone break a sweat. Absolutely woeful display . No will to win. Most players seem to think it’s a trading session. No motivation no pride no idea. Urgent change is needed. Don’t tell me Jose got us to a cup final, man city will be creasing themselves laughing, probably play their third team and still win. Team is a joke.

  2. I can’t take this any more. One bad performance after another after another. We are a shambles. Having Harry injured is not an excuse to play so bad. I want my old Tottenham back.


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