Opinion: Spurs season review: A tough experience full of misery and drama

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Well, it’s over. As the final whistle blew in Leicester, a weird range of emotions overwhelmed me, which is quite a good summary of the season itself.

It was just an absolute rollercoaster, but ultimately a rollercoaster in which highs were very short-lived and feel like a million years ago.

It was a strange feeling because the last 15 minutes of that match represented what a fantasy dream of the season would look like in an alternate reality. A reality which, at the start of the season, seemed quite realistic.

Essentially, Gareth Bale, Son Heung-Min, and Harry Kane blowing opposition out the water with sheer quality.

But it was a good end to a frankly awful season. Spurs had intentions this campaign — under Jose Mourinho — to settle down, turn into killers, stay out of the negative limelight and do what the predecessor Mauricio Pochettino failed to do: win a trophy.

Spurs did everything they could in their power to do anything but those things. From the Super League, manager sackings, constant bad performances, cup final failings, and the Kane saga (which has only just begun).

Okay, let’s admit it. Who was sucked into Mourinho’s Spurs December-ish? I certainly was. But ever since Spurs have regressed to the point where they are in a bad, bad state.

If anyone could tell you what Tottenham will shape up like in 2021-22: spoiler alert – they can’t.

Spurs are manger-less and potentially Kane-less. Kane, Dele, and Son all embraced after Leicester in a warm hug that suggested a goodbye. But it represents a lot more than that.

Mourinho was brought in to complete what Pochettino started, but I think this season just showed that it all needs to be scrapped and start again. A complete rebuild from top to bottom and a Kane departure could be the start of it.

If you said that we’d finish in Europe and above Arsenal you’d be very satisfied but not too much if you said that Spurs finished seventh, three points behind West Ham, to qualify for the Europa Conference League.

Off the pitch has been just as calamitous as on it. The Super League saga was a damming couple of days in which I was very passionate in voicing my instant dislike and also, for me, summed up Daniel Levy’s era, or his intentions with Spurs.

Not apologising and then pricing Aston Villa at home for £60 — the highest price in the league — and then putting the fans in the heavens, and then half of the team not even giving the fans a lap of honour also sums it up.

It stinks, doesn’t it?

The best thing about this season was the moment it ended. It’s been really tough at times. But we wouldn’t have it any other way, would we?

This summer is huge, more than ever. The new manager has to be right; the signings and departures have to be right. Keep the faith, and up the Spurs.

This time next year, who knows what I’ll be writing about, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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