Opinion: The five huge problems with Tottenham Hotspur at the moment

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Tottenham Hotspur have endured an awful start to the new season this year, with defeats coming left, right, and centre in all competitions.

Here are my five biggest problems with the Spurs squad at the moment –


The Spurs players have lost their confidence and swagger, and their opponents know it. No one is giving them time on the ball or respect, no one is scared of this Tottenham squad anymore. They are merely XI players who you stand a good chance of beating if you put a good shift in. How they get that confidence back, I don’t know. Perhaps they need a big result.

High press 

Once a feature of this Pochettino side, the high press seems to have vanished. Teams now have time to dribble the ball out of their defensive third and pick any ball they want without any pressure from Spurs attackers. I have no idea why the lads are not defending from the front anymore. It makes no sense to me.

Drive and effort 

I don’t mind poor performances when I see effort and a proactive drive to score goals and get results. However, this Tottenham side is static and stale. There is no movement on or off the ball. There is no graft to win it back. There is no concept of putting themselves on the line.


Pochettino does not know who his best right-back is. He does not know who his best back four is. So far, the players he has fielded this season have looked awful at the back, even in Tottenham’s few victories. To make matters worse, Spurs aren’t anywhere near impressive enough at the other end to counter this.


Do all the players care? Do they all want to be there? Are they all bothered if we lose or win? I don’t think so.

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  1. I agree with all the above. The team is going backwards and on the field look tired and old. Poch can’t motivate them anymore. If this team that were far better last year and the years before can’t be bothered then i guess Poch is time to go home. Or Poch finds the most motivated and passioned players from the squad and starts with them

  2. the spurs would forget about premier league football and start an NFL team or use there existing players in the NFL they cannot do any worse. great job the weekend losing to brighton which is my second team, soon to be my first


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