Opinion: The Prince of Fulham – Why Sessegnon will thrive in North London

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At only 18 and with a year remaining on his contract, a certain Ryan Sessegnon has chosen to continue his career development with Spurs. Make no mistake he chose us. He still commanded a fair price. And Spurs were willing to pay such.

If we are to believe the figures it’s in excess of £25m plus Joshua Onomah plus probable add ons. That’s not what you call a gamble, even in our crazy football world. It’s serious money (BBC).

Becoming the first player born after 2000 to score a goal in the English Football League. He was just 16 when he announced himself. There is a little of the Aaron Lennon’s even the Danny Rose about him if I’m honest. Fans of the clubs they come from don’t lie. Leeds knew that Lennon was special the same with Rose. Many Fulham fans speak volumes about their “Prince”. That’s an accolade that for me says more than pure talent. It says “special”. 

Now, Spurs aren’t strangers to young uber talents. John Bostock for example. Coveted by Palace, incredible skills and physique at 16 and apparently the world awaiting. Young homegrown Marcus Edwards. Two seasons ago we had to beg and promise him and his representation in order to get him to sign pro with us. Yet both these players fell before the race began. It was a simple flaw. Dedication. It’s one thing having the talent, it’s another having the mentality. 

The brief interviews I’ve seen with Sessegnon and the punditry repost firmly point to a very switched on and focused young man. He wants to learn first. Become better and push himself football and ability-wise. There was no talks about his demands. These things leak out. Indeed we are led to believe that several rather big clubs had lucrative offers on the table for him. I’m sure they offered remunerated in excess of ours. Yet that was never mentioned. Not once.

One must conclude from this his focus was football, not ego.

Keeping Danny Rose was a masterstroke, even if by default. For me, Rose is football first second and third. No sense of humour and does not tolerate idiots. If Rose is the King then Sessegnon is the heir apparent. A year under Rose will be a great mentoring. Maybe that was a condition of joining! 

What Spurs have bought is raw talent with good mentality. First impressions say so. In a poor Fulham team that lacked cohesion in the EPL he was a lamb to the slaughter. Yet Ranieri called him a special talent. He didn’t set the league alight but he occasionally did stand out in a poor Fulham side. Give him credit that he wanted to stay with Fulham after they were promoted. 

Ryan Sessegnon is a perfect Spurs type player. He chose us and we wanted him. Under Poch and the now Poch mentored Rose he could not have chosen a better club. It amazes me some comments made by “experts”. That he should stay with Fulham and play more regularly. Madness. He needs more than just that. Rose and Poch and a clear way into the first team. 

The story begins…..Welcome Prince Sessegnon

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  1. Well written, Sess is a very decent , level headed ” apprentice” superstar. Spurs fans will love him in no time once he has matured football wise. I have just started my 53rd. season at the cottage and although we’ve been lucky to see many wonderful talents in that time Sess has truly been something special, there’s no ego with him just a craving to better himself on the football pitch. We shall miss him but he has made the right move now at the right time for him. Enjoy him.


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