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In this article, I have decided to steer clear of the current hot topic, namely the return of our former Argentinian Manager. What’s more, I’m not sure Ardiles has the defensive game for the modern top flight…….

During the FA Cup final, the BBC received 114 complaints regarding the biased coverage by lead presenter and former Spurs legend Gary Lineker.

I found the coverage quite the opposite and really refreshing. How nice it was to see someone who has supported their hometown club since they were a boy, represented them, and seen numerous failures realise a lifelong dream.

Despite no affiliation to Leicester I found myself reaching for the tissues when listening to Gary Lineker’s heartfelt dedication to his dad.

The FA Cup really is magic.

Would Gary have swapped top four with Leicester for the FA Cup? not a chance.  Would club owners up and down the country have the same view.  Probably not and sadly this highlights the massive issue with a national game driven by commercialism.

I wouldn’t want to listen to a biased commentator every week, although we do have to tolerate Alan Smith.  For a one off game, I can’t deny Gary his glory.

While Arsenal fans would pull me up for calling Spurs Harry Kane’s ‘boyhood club’ and roll out their library picture (singular), there is no denying that Spurs are HIS club.

This is why he is agonising over what on the face of it is a simple decision. Leave Spurs, join Man City, win trophies. Simples.  But I believe maybe naively, winning would mean so much more to do it with Spurs. On the face of it, it seems like the motivation for a move is driven by glory and not money. This sums up Harry’s professionalism and dedication to his game that make him a credit to club and country. 

Can we keep Harry, that’s largely dependent on the new manager but I suspect that ship has sailed.  That’s for another day but as always we can dare to dream.

Although the reasons for timing of Jose Mourinho sacking are only known by the top table at Spurs, I wouldn’t mind betting that there was a financial element behind the decision making.

With full respect to Ryan Mason, why else would Levy have jeopardised our only chance of silverware this season by sacking the manager on the eve of a cup final and denying us a shot at the jubilation experienced by Leicester and Chelsea fans in recent weeks.

While most saw the writing on the wall for the Portuguese coach I think Levy has got off lightly for the appalling timing.  After all timing is everything. At the time Chelsea’s sacking of Lampard looked premature.  After the masterclass of Tuchel in the Champions League final Abramovich must take a slice of the credit for his decisive decision making.

While we can’t be sure exactly what the recruitment process is it looks very haphazard from the outside. We now know there was no one lined up which generally is unlike Spurs.  Jose was already ‘in situ’ by the time Poch was scribbling his goodbye to the players on the whiteboard having been cruelly denied the opportunity to do this in person.

Talking of cups and glory, let’s not be too hasty and dismiss the Europa Conference as the third tier competition. After all, the great Bill Nicholson once said, “without Europe we are nothing”

While it will keep the chairman happy with more TV money and gate receipts (groan) it is a chance to win a trophy. Let’s face it there aren’t that many opportunities.

Maybe UEFA should consider 3 competitions, one for Champions and a couple of competitions for League placings and cup winners……oh yes we had that and replaced it with a model driven by greed. This without even mentioning the ludicrous Super League proposals.

Try telling Juan Foyth and Etiene Capoue that the Europa League is a second tier competition!  Wednesday night will live with them, their team mates and fans long after their careers have finished. Just as that famous White Hart Lane final in 1984 can’t ever be taken away from those who had the privilege or being there on the night that saw Graham Roberts and team cemented their place as club Legends.

As we enter the new season and the first ball is kicked, I still harbour unrealistic hopes of Spurs winning all four competitions entered! As I am sure all fans do which is why we flock in our millions to grounds up and down the country at all levels on a Saturday afternoon.

But I’m not greedy, one will do……..

After all, as the late, great Danny Blanchflower once said: ‘The game is about glory’

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