Opinion: The thing that really disappointed me with Tottenham’s performance today


Tottenham Hotspur have dropped two more points in the Premier League today as they welcomed Watford to the new stadium.

Despite Watford being a bottom-of-the-table side, Spurs conceded within five minutes and were only able to equalise in the dying moments through a contentious Dele strike.

However, what most disappointed me about the game was not the sloppy conceded goal or the poor first 70 minutes, what annoyed me was the up-tick in performance towards the end of the game.

It was as if the Spurs players suddenly realised that they needed to kick it up a gear if they were to get back into the game.

Lamela and Son came on to add new attacking options and Spurs flooded the box with bodies to deliver crosses and corners.

Watford had been sat behind the ball defending for the vast majority of the match, putting them under extreme pressure with balls in the box should have been something that started well before the final 20 minutes.

Spurs should have been all over the Hornets from the second they went 1-0 down.

I wanted to see the effort and desire shown at the end of the match for the entirety of the game. To be honest, if that had happened, I think Spurs would have won the game.

Where has the effort gone?

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  1. I noticed that for all the Spurs corners that the Watford defenders were the first to get their heads on the ball BEFORE any Spurs player got close to it. It’s like we have no cohesion. I have supported Spurs since the mid 50s and we currently look pretty bad as a team”. We especially don’t do well against Park the Bus” teams and always seem to have a problem breaking through while leaving ourselves exposed at the back at the same time.

    Why does Ben Foster waste so much time? He seems to do this against us a lot (maybe against other teams also).


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