Opinion: This man has been Tottenham’s worst performer of the season by far

Image: SpursWeb

When thinking about Tottenham’s worst performer of the season so far, only one man springs to mind, Davinson Sanchez.

I am a big fan of Sanchez and believe he will grow into a fantastic central defender with age and maturity, but he is a long way from it at the moment.

While it may be unfair to judge his performances at right-back, I’m afraid I have to. Pochettino entrusted the Colombian with the make-shift position on two occasions so far this season, away to Arsenal and away to Olympiacos.

In both games, Sanchez was repeatedly targeted and after getting skinned a couple of times he seems to retreat further and further infield.

As he narrows the Spurs defence, it only invites more pressure down the wing, which has ultimately cost Tottenham.

However, putting these games aside, I also think that the defender looked incredibly shaky when playing in his preferred position for the first few games of the season.

Sanchez always looks as if he has a mistake in him and they have certainly come out in abundance this season so far.

He has all the strength, pace, and aerial ability in the world, I just wish he would slow things down and read the game a bit better. Do the simple things well and consistently and don’t run before you can walk.

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