Opinion: Tottenham fans, you realise that loyalty works both ways?

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Yes, Tottenham Hotspur have had a terrible 2019. Yes, Spurs have just two wins from eight this season. And yes, they did get knocked out of the League Cup by Colchester United.

The chairman, manager, and players must step up and not only take the blame for this, but be a part of the solution by turning the ship around.

However, I have been disgusted by the increasing number of comments along the lines of Poch Out on social media since the League Cup exit.

Tottenham were Champions League wannabes before Pochettino. In just five years, he took the club from nothing to the CL Final.

However, just a few months on, amidst some rocky form, a large chunk of the fanbase has already turned against him.

This man did not leave Tottenham for Real Madrid. He did not leave for Barcelona. He has never shown any interest in doing anything but progressing Spurs as a club, and what a job he has done.

Fans demand loyalty, and rightly so. Poch has remained loyal over six years though, and is still loyal to this day. Yet some Tottenham fans appear to have lost their faith in him almost overnight.

Loyalty works both ways.

Poch is our manager and he is the best man for the job.

Have faith.

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  1. Total rubbish, from first to last. Pochettino took Spurs ‘from nothing’ to CL qualification? Two top four places under Redknapp, a points total in 2013 under AVB only beaten in two of Pochettino’s five seasons at Spurs, and even Sherwood’s sixth place in 2014 was achieved with 69 points, TWO WHOLE POINTS less than the magic Pochettino achieved last season in hanging-on to a CL place by the skin of his teeth. And where’s the evidence of Pochettino’s loyalty to Spurs? When exactly did he turn down these offers from Real Madrid or Barcelona? Yes, Pochettino says he had offers, but I frankly don’t believe him, and I reckon you can put an exact figure on his ‘loyalty’ to Spurs, namely £8.5 million per year until 2023, if he lasts that long of course.

  2. It would be a disservice to Tottenham to proffer the notion that they weren’t achieving a measure of success prior to Pochettino having established themselves firmly as a top six side. But people seem quick to forget just how dull football was under AVB’s statistically motivated management approach, or Sherwood’s erratic and inexperienced short tenure. Poch’ has not only established Spurs as a genuine top four side but introduced an ideology to take Tottenham forward the goes beyond the idea of simply building a brand new stadium and hoping that would be enough in itself. Granted there is turbulence at present and the team the squad looks uncertain and somewhat compromised, but I firmly believe that Argentine coach is the best placed to turn our fortunes around. Rather than seeking to lay the blame at his feet I would argue that Levy’s weak and inconsistent approach to transfer policy is the real cause of Tottenham’s downward drift, we simply have not had a strong enough squad for some years now and are finally paying for that with more recent loss of form. If Spurs are to really succeed then are chairman needs to embrace a wholehearted level of change to the philosophy of how THFC are run. Put simply to be the best you need to compete with the best and for the longest time we simply haven’t done that!

    • Much of your post would have been indisputable this time last year, but our current state isn’t a ‘blip’, it’s been going-on since early last season, when we started off winning games but playing poorly, before switching to losing games and playing poorly! The CL run was sheer fluke, and the wheels came off when it really mattered against Liverpool, and, one half against Palace excepted, we’ve carried-on where we left off, with a full year of mediocre football and worsening results, and I reckon enough’s enough – Poch out!


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