Opinion: Tottenham should sell Ndombele if they receive a competitive offer

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

This may be a controversial and unpopular opinion, but I believe that Tottenham should sell Tanguy Ndombele if they receive an offer of £55m and above.

The Frenchman only joined the club last summer, but I have seen enough to make up my mind over the past eight months of football.

I am well aware that many players take a season or two to settle in when moving from a foreign country to the Premier League.

However, I do not believe that we are dealing with a confidence or fitness issue when it comes to Ndombele. If he was applying himself and putting in poor performances, I would chalk it down as a learning curve.

Unfortunately, what I see is a player who has a problem with the mental side of the game. In short, he does not want to put in full effort and refuses to graft for the good of the team.

On the ball, Ndombele looks world-class, but that is nowhere near enough in the Premier League. Either you are prepared to run through walls for the team, or the opposition will walk all over you.

Time and time again, Ndombele fails to track back and defend, or make an effort to get into space. Sure, he comes alive when the ball is at his feet, but that is not enough.

If he had been a £10m up-and-coming signing, the fans would be on his back. Because he is a record signing, I feel as if many fans are wishing him into existence.

The midfielder has always had a problem with his effort levels throughout his career, and I just do not see that changing.

No Tottenham player should need to be convinced to give his all. That simply is not good enough.

Therefore, Spurs should just sell up while his stock is still high and reinvest in someone who actually looks like he is proud to wear the shirt and work for the team.

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