Opinion: Tottenham’s Heung-Min Son is not yet world class and this is why

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Over the years, Heung-Min Son has become a more and more important figure within the Spurs squad, to the extent where an injury to the South Korean could put the success of any season in jeopardy.

Gary Neville even insisted recently that, such is the quality of the player, any club in the world would take him if given the chance.

However, despite the forward’s stats this season (which are impressive), there are certain ways in which Son does not deserve the ‘world-class’ label and therefore can improve aspects of his game.

Son’s greatest attribute has to be his finishing. The player now has one hundred goals for the club and it feels as though half of them have been right out of the top drawer.

With the exception of Harry Kane, I don’t think there is a better striker of a ball in the Premier League so that part of Son’s game is indeed world-class.

However, for every game in which Son is firing, it seems like he completely goes off the boil in another. Players are, of course, allowed a sub-par game here and there, but it seems as though Son experiences them with regularity.

Therefore, if he really wants to be in that top bracket of players in the world, he could look at being more consistently influential.

The second reason as to why Son cannot be categorised as world-class is his overall play. He has great speed, no one can deny that, and because of this, he is able to do magical things on his own.

However, his downfall is that he attempts to do too much on his own. The same goes with Harry Kane, to some extent. This inevitably results in Son being ponderous, slowing down or completely halting attacks.

If Son is to become one of the world’s best, he must be wiser and choose the right pass more often without hesitation. 

Son definitely possesses qualities that make him one of the best around. However, if he were to tighten up on a couple of key issues and bring his overall effort, work-rate, and skill to more matches within a season, he, as Neville says, would be desirable to any team in world football.

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  1. Every single player is guilty of making errors, Son does far more good than he does bad,but to state he is not world class because he has imperfect moments is a dis-service both to him and to the top class defenders he regularly plays against and who seek to stifle his opportunities. You could apply the same argument to Salah for example who has missed opportunities for Liverpool instead of passing to a colleague in a better position and I cam think of numerous examples, does this therefore mean by your logic that Salah is also not world class…..? Me thinks your argument a little ridiculous!

  2. I would argue that Salah is not world-class either. And I don’t know about you, but I think his recent form is extremely poor, hence this article.

  3. If he scores goals, “it’s his job”. If he makes mistakes “he’s not world class”.
    He’s underrated because he plays off fundamentals and basics and no flair.


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