Opinion: What would turn this disappointing transfer window into a success

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Dom Le Roy

With only two and a half days left in the transfer window, it’s fair to say that it has been a complete disappointment.

Even though we have secured a great young talent in Jack Clarke, and the top class Tanguy Ndombele, it’s not enough.

We were told it was going to be a painful rebound by Pochettino, as I’m sure he truly believed he would get the targets he wanted (Standard)

The players we have been heavily linked with have been Bruno Fernandes, but most of all Giovanni Lo Celso (Standard).

Of course transfers are never easy, but we made a serious amount of money this year through various sponsorship deals and reaching the Champions League final, and I’m sure Pochettino was promised big signings in order to stay at the club.

If you refer back to his past comments, its obvious the transfer window has always been frustrating for him, even more so when we don’t buy a single player for an entire year. Saying that the club needs to “add the right furniture” (ICC)

The transfer window started off so well, it was obvious Tanguy Ndombele was a primary target and we got the deal done fairly quickly, especially for Levy.

Another Primary Target was Giovanni Lo Celso, now, this deal has dragged (BBC). It has gotten very tedious and it seems no one really knows what is happening with so many conflicting reports.

However, saying that, it’s not as easy as just buying the player because we can, we have to balance the books. This means departures, mainly Christian Eriksen, with him not signing a new contract it turns a very attractive commodity into someone who I imagine we are trying to hard to sell.

I think we can still get at least 50-60 million pounds for him instead of him going on a free later. So, if a deal is struck for him, I can see us getting one of Bruno Fernandes or Giovanni Lo Celso.

As good as that will be, it is not the attacking midfield role that is worrying me, for me our most concerning positions are at fullback. I really like Danny Rose but I think we can improve on him, and at right-back, we have serious problems.

I love Kyle Walker-Peters but I would play him as a rotational right-back for the cup games. Also, I think Serge Aurier could become very good for us, but he is becoming injury prone and hasn’t really adapted to Premier League football as of yet. I saw a really promising link with young right-back Youcef Atal, this is a player I would love (DZ Football).

He is very fast, amazing going forward, and he is solid defensively. If we manage to get him and either Lo Celso or Fernandes over the line I will be very happy.

Then there is also Ryan Sessegnon (Standard), which really seems like a done deal to me, especially with AJ Tracey dropping hints at it yesterday (TalkSPORT). Another player who is still so young and could go on to become absolutely unbelievable, I just hope we don’t play him as a left-back.

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  1. We need Lo Celso and a right back. That much is clear. Were we to sign those 2 and Eriksen out/Dybala or Coutinho in would be something incredible. Then we see if defensive midfield poses a problem next season.


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