Opinion: Why Carlos Vinicius is a better option for Spurs than Danny Ings

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Carlos Vinicius joined Spurs on loan from Benfica last summer and has hit the ground running. However, the question is, will Spurs make his move permanent in the upcoming summer transfer window when there are other options around like Danny Ings?

Carlos Vinicius has played 11 times this season with six goals in this time period (Transfermarkt). This is, no doubt, a superb record for a backup striker.

However, are there better options out there like Danny Ings, who has been linked with a move to Spurs in recent week. I think not and here is why…

If Ings signed, he would be demanding first-team football as he has shown world-class ability with 22 goals in the Premier League last season (Transfermarkt). This could cause disruption within the squad, something that we most definitely do not need.

Vinicius has shown his willingness to sit on the bench and be the backup to Kane. Bringing in a different striker only has the potential to cause internal issues, so why take the risk? Squad harmony is just as important as skill, this should not be undermined.

Also, Carlos Vinicius is three years younger than Ings at 25-years-old. This means tat he has more potential within his game and has the opportunity to become a world-class striker in future years at the club.

In terms of skill, there is no doubt both strikers have superb striking ability. However, Vinicius not only offers his shooting ability, but also his playmaking skill. This was shown by his assist in the home game vs LASK.

Ings may have the Premier League experience, but his injury record is something to worry about, especially as Kane has a poor history of his own.

Therefore, Vinicius should be the man to join next summer instead of Ings. He’s a man who has already settled in, created a formidable bond with Lucas and is performing on the pitch.

£40 million is a fair price for an impressive striker nowadays and, although Ings may have performed better in the Premier League, it is too big a risk for an ageing and injury-prone striker

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  1. What with talk of Dele leaving probably in the summer and now rumours of Kane leaving next summer too, Inngs might be more of a necessity than Vinicius with our foreign players situation.


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