Opinion: Why Daniel Levy and ENIC do not get the credit they deserve

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It has been nearly 20 years since Joe Lewis and the ENIC corporation purchased the majority Spurs share holding from Alan Sugar, appointing Daniel Levy as Chairman.

Although they have often been branded tightfisted and money-driven during their tenure, I believe that they have has elevated the club to great new heights and given Spurs solid foundation for success lacking since the 1980s.

Levy has overseen 18 full seasons of Premier League football with Tottenham, finishing in the top six in 13 of those campaigns, including every year since 2009/10.

This consistent finishing has revitalised Tottenham from a fallen giant to an up-and-coming European superpower. This is a drastic improvement on the previous two owners.

Although Tottenham have only won one trophy (2008 League Cup) during the ENIC period, finishing runners-up in three league cups and, most importantly, the 2019 Champions League.

On face value, this doesn’t look good from what is now considered to be a Premier League giant. However, success doesn’t come over night and needs to be built on.

Reaching a Champions League final would have been an impossible dream 10/20 years ago and was only achieved thanks to the decisions made by Daniel Levy as Chairman.

However, it is away from the pitch where Levy has done most of his work, the most obvious being the new state-of-the-art £850 million stadium.

The stadium not only ensures that Tottenham have a place to call home for years to come but also adds a new revenue stream to generate funds for the club.

This isn’t the only major development though, with the club’s training facilities and academy undergoing massive investment to ensure the team have every resource for consistent future success.

The 77 acre ‘Hotspur Way’ is a far cry from the old 11-acre site used my older teams. This improvement off the pitch has no doubt led to an improvement on it, which is there for all to see when comparing the 2012 and 2021 squads.

In conclusion, ENIC and Levy have expanded the Tottenham brand, boosted finances, improved the academy and training facilities, built a new stadium, lured Jose Mourinho, and undoubtedly laid the foundations for future success.

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  1. The problem with your article is that no-one remembers you for being second best. Tottenham could have achieved better results with the right investment instead of a largely hit and hope transfer policy over many years that drew its emphasis on budget over genuine quality. Whilst this has improved in more recent times the clubs management philosophy and playing style since Mourinho joined have brought a mixture of success that has as yet to exceed the achievements under Pochettino’s own management. At this point I’m not sure we are any closer to winning a first trophy since 2008 as despite all talk of Mourinho instilling a more ruthless attitude in the squad, Tottenham are failing to truly capitalise on games they should be winning, and arguably the soft underbelly still exists characteristically. Aside from this as a team Spurs are presently and often a difficult watch where it is hard to find the joy of the game itself, this is not the Tottenham way and I don’t believe its what the fans want to witness it certainly isn’t entertaining at times.


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