Opinion: Why Dele Alli is the perfect man for Tottenham under Mourinho

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Dele Alli has been a superb player for Spurs ever since his arrival in 2015, however, some fans believe that it is now time to cash in on ‘Dele’s brother’.

Despite his drop in form, I do not believe that this is the case and strongly argue that he remains the perfect man for spurs.

Throughout this season, we have seen Spurs’ constant struggle against smaller teams – 1-1 draws against Fulham, Palace and Wolves to name just a few.

These results have been partially down to our lack of creativity and our over-reliance on Son and Kane. Ndombele has been our only other consistent creator in the side, however, I believe he suits a deep-lying playmaker more.

Such a move would free up the number ten role for someone else to step into, namely Dele Alli.

Ndombele’s performances tend to drop off in the second half of games, so having Dele in top form would give us some much-needed creativity in the second half, thus allowing us to kill off games.

In past seasons, he has shown his class sitting behind Kane, coming up with 86 goal contributions in just 160 Premier League games.

Therefore, I believe that Jose should bring Dele back in from the cold so that he can regain his confidence and find the form we all know he has in his locker.

He is the only current answer to our creativity problems and, if he finds form, it would lower the reliance on Son and Kane, which players like Bale and Bergwijn have struggled to do.

Alli has the ability to create a chance out of nothing with his skilful dribbling and his precision pressing. He has shown this on occasions this season, especially in his impressive performance at Marine, albeit against lesser opponents.

The main issue that Dele has is his consistency and work rate but this can easily be resolved with a good run of games and a kick up the bum.

It is been reported that Alli wants a move to partner up with former manager Pochettino at PSG and it may not be morally just to prevent such a move for the England man. However, if Mourinho gives him opportunities in the coming weeks, it is more than possible that he would be willing to stay.

Alli is the man to solve our attacking issues and could help to end our trophy drought in the coming months if he can find form, which I firmly believe he can.

In his past seasons, he has given us multiple moments of magic, with my favourite being his goal to end our winless run at Stamford Bridge, but let’s hope that he can create even more memories in the future. Dele Alli must stay.

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  1. I don’t understand this notion of drop in form – you can only have poor form if you are actually being played. In the very limited playing time that Dele has actually had in general he has made a significant and positive impact. However Mourinho chooses to ignore this factor despite some very underwhelming Spurs performances in his very notable absense. The problem is that Mourinho doesn’t accept Dele for the unique player he is and stubbornly refuses to afford him genuine opportunity at almost every turn now.If I was Dele I would want to leave!

  2. I hate the way Dele has been treated. Especially with Lo Celso out it is a disgrace. A poor performance against Fulham, only 2 subs used and Vinicius was on 81 mins. Too late. Two Mourinho failings are squad harmony (of course referring to players not playing) as well as not helping their value, if he does want to sell them, but also his substitutions come too late and the bench isn’t used enough. The Bale situation, despite all his problems, is another odd one. Surely 15-20 minutes helps him. Winks who I’m not a huge fan of, was back in, but out in the cd again. Why? Bar the dropped points it’s going quite well, the style isn’t great but the players seem to sit deep and not sustain a strong press for the full 90 minutes. I just want to see Dele, Bale etc treated better and given their chances. If we had won every game ok. But we have dropped a lot of silly points and relied on Kane and Son too much.

  3. Dont know what some people are watching.
    Alli has been very poor over the last 2 seasons.
    Took his mind off of football and believed his own hype.
    Note no longer on England squad.
    Sell him what your saying is wishful thinking


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