Opinion: Why I loved to see Hugo Lloris shouting at Heung-min Son last night

Image: SpursWeb

While I love to see Tottenham playing free-flowing football and securing three points every week, I realise that no team on the planet can claim that kind of consistency.

Therefore, the only thing that I demand as a Spurs fan is to see all eleven players in the starting line-up put maximum effort, passion, and energy into their performance.

At least then, even if the team loses, you can look back over the 90 minutes and rest easy in the knowledge that everyone did the best they could possibly do.

This was simply not the case against Sheffield United last week. A number of the players coasted through the game and did not look prepared to run through brick walls for the win.

Too many so-called stars put in little effort with no repercussions, which is why I loved to see Hugo Lloris losing his mind at Heung-min Son last night.

Not to single Sonny out on his own, but the point remains in this particular scenario. The winger failed to track back and give his all for the team and deserved to be shouted at.

Too many times in the past, Spurs players have remained silent and dropped their heads in these moments. In my opinion, it is about time that someone showed some passion.

Lloris clearly sent a message that he cared and that lapses of concentration and effort were not acceptable, even if Everton did not score from the resulting attack.

The more the Spurs players take this kind of attitude, the fewer mistakes there will be and the more likely others will be to put in maximum effort and push themselves.

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