Opinion: Why I think Spurs are purposefully faking a move for Paulo Dybala

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Daniel Levy is known as one of the best negotiators in football for a reason; he knows the ins and outs of the transfer market and how to get the very best deal in terms of both sales and purchases.

Spurs have been chasing Argentine playmaker Giovani Lo Celso for some time now, with Levy submitting a bid of £53m back near the start of the transfer window (BBC).

However, the offer was unfortunately turned down by Real Betis, who were keen on getting something closer to the player’s £88m buyout clause value.

With a deal still yet to be reached, it seems as if the clubs may still be locked in negotiations over the price, with the new Premier League season fast approaching.

So, does it seem coincidental that Tottenham are now being linked with a big-money move for a different Argentine attacker? Not to me.

I rate Spurs’ chances of landing Paulo Dybala slim to none, as Juventus are said to want a whopping £80m for the player (Times). However, I think Levy is very aware of this fact.

Tottenham apparently submitted a bid of £44m for Dybala this week, which was obviously turned down instantly (La Stampa).

I believe that Levy is simply pretending to seriously consider other options in order to pressure Real Betis into lowering Lo Celso’s price into a more favourable range for Spurs.

It remains to be seen as to whether Tottenham and Levy land their man though.

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  1. Do you not think that if it was so easy for you to ‘see’ through this ruse, that others would not see it too? For that reason alone I don’t really think your hypothesis holds much water.

  2. You can`t have it semi both ways with that comment at the end. Levy always low balls, you should know that by now. The interest is real and will go down to the wire. If he comes than someone leaves and the question should be, who leaves?

  3. This kind of gamesmanship is what annoys me with Levy. Ok I know it’s just a theory of yours but given the man we’re talking about, I wouldn’t put it past him. Yes it’s good when it all falls into place but that’s not very often. No wonder most clubs can’t stand the man. He wants stupid amounts for mediocre players we’re trying to sell yet wants other clubs to accept below market rate for their players. I’m shocked Aulas had anything to do with him over Ndombele after the Lloris deal and Alex Ferguson said dealing with Levy was more painful than his hip replacement. He might save a few million every now and then but how many deals have fallen through or not got off the ground because of his tactics. This sounds like I’m staunch anti Levy but I’m not. I love the bloke for his “Tottenham first” outlook and the heights the club is reaching under his care but surely Poch has made and saved the club enough money for Levy to say “here’s the players you want and deserve” without having to go to war and wait until the last minute of a window.

    • While I see what you’re saying to pay the full price on any player is crazy and will end in tears. Look at eriksen while we will make money if he is sold this window had we paid say 30-40 million for him we would now be sweating on him leaving for nothing next year. It is a very fine line a lot of supporters don’t understand and while DL don’t always get his man, any he has bought has given us a very good chance to recover our money or better. To stay within the fpl rules we have to do this while paying for the stadium. I wish we could buy both dybala and le celso as I think they would make us much stronger but I agree with the writer on this. DL is playing games with rb here and at no point have spurs said anything about paying 80 million for dybala and as rb have bought a replacement the pressure is on them to sell. One that will run sadly a week or so yet and dybala will not be part of spurs this year sadly.

  4. Your thought doesn’t make any sense as if Levy was playing that game why would he pick a more expensive player to do it with because Real Betis would just turn around and say well if you are willing to pay 80 mil for him and we only wont 70 mil you must have it, so no totally wrong. Now if it was to make Eriksen sign a new contract knowing if we bought both Lo Celso and Dybala he could become surplus to requirements and sold to the highest bidder but not his one and only Real Madrid. Or maybe and this is what I think just maybe Mr Daniel Levy has just seen the biggest part of his vision finished our stadium and now he wants his next project the team to be given all the tools ie talent to do his dream stadium justice… just maybe and only my opinion. COYS!

  5. IF ERIKSEN STAYS WE dont need either of them. Would rather have Dybala given a choice.
    We need width.
    Fully expecting another year of great possession stats and the usual draws and loses against the run of play. Drop Alli for Moura and our attack would be frightening.

    • I definitely agree with Moura for Delle. Not sure how Alli kept his place in the side. I’m not sure if he’s good enough to play a central attacking role, would prefer the width from son and Lucas with eriksen behind Kane.
      Completely agree Seb. That was my first thought when I saw the Dybala news.

  6. Hi Seb, I really enjoy your articles – they are really well written. Would you and some of your colleagues however consider not ending them with “it remains to be seen” at the end of your articles. It’s annoying, a cliche and your pieces would be better if you left that line out, in my opinion.

    It remains to be seen if your follow my suggestion. ;-)


  7. Prediction – Eriksen stays but refuses to sign new deal. Levy desperately tries to get rid of him but no one interested.
    Levy makes excuse that the reason we didn’t sign Dybala was that he didn’t want to leave Juve and the Lo Celso deal fell through because Eriksen wouldn’t join athletics Madrid (not that they wanted him anyway. The Sessegnon transfer run out of time as levy tried to knock price down at last minute. So that’s it folks. Levy spent £70 million but received £70 million back by selling trippier, rose, Carter-Vickers, Jansen, NK and Josh Onomah meaning we didn’t actually spend a penny this summer. Will this come true – it remains to be seen!!!!

  8. Yes this is topical levy time. Pussyfooting around getting spurs fans excited then nothing is the Norman do what the other clubs do get the deals done before it’s too late. Levy has said the money is there so ok give the fans something to talk about in a positive way. Come on levy get the big stars in and get us to the next stage on winning trophies and not the nearly team which is not a good tag to have

  9. I see the logic but the thought of Dybala and Lo Celso was almost too much to bear. Can’t see how Eriksen staying is going to improve things. He’s stuck his neck out and declared that he want a new “challenge” which in my mind is coded language for “I want to go”
    Dybala and Lo Celso is a massive statement about where the team is heading

  10. Definetly Levy is bullshitting as usual. Do not be surprised he even might say Spurs will buy Messi! Endup buying players who you have to goggle to find out.

  11. I read that the deal for GLC was agreed and that Betis now want to re-structure the deal to get more cash up front. So, I don’t feel it’s a Levy play to force the Betis hand. Juventus want Icardi and Pogba so need to trim their wage bill and raise some cash so Dybala fits the bill nicely. I think it’s a good deal for all parties as he’s only 25.


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