Opinion: Why I want Daniel Levy to stay at Tottenham

Daniel Levy
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Tottenham Hotspur are at a crossroads in many respects. In the wake of the Super League fiasco, Tottenham’s ownership is the most unpopular it has ever been and with Mourinho gone and no new manager in sight, it seems the future is uncertain.

Recent events have led to many calling for the chairman’s head, but I am confident that wouldn’t be the wisest choice and I want Levy to stay at Tottenham. Let me explain why…

Levy joined the club in 2001 and taking us from where we were then to where we are now, despite recent dips, is an incredible achievement.

The club Levy took over hadn’t finished above 7th in the Premier League era and had a sole League Cup to our name over the same period. Conversely, since 2005 we have only finished below 6th three times, the previous two coming before the start of the 2010s.

We have had European football every year for the last 10 seasons and when Levy took over, that was not something to be taken for granted. Now, anything less than Champions League football is seen as unacceptable.

High expectations are natural after a period of success; however, it is important to note that the expectations can be high due to his success.

A key criticism of Levy is his tight grip on the purse strings. Not only have Tottenham never spent big but they have missed out on signings that have done well elsewhere.

Sadio Mane (Daily Mail, 2017) and Jack Grealish (Birmingham Live, 2018) are just a couple of examples where Spurs could have signed star players for what now seems like a bargain price, but Levy wouldn’t raise his bids.

His failures in this area are much publicised but his successes are far more frequent. Just this past summer, he essentially signed Hojbjerg for £3m plus Walker-Peters, despite Everton rivalling Spurs with a £25m bid (Talksport, 2020). Levy stood firm and left money in the bank for other positions.

Matt Doherty was in the top five right-backs in the league the season prior but was secured for under £15m. Regardless of his form for us, that was a bargain at the time.

There are countless more examples included looking at sales. Levy always has a price that he will not settle for less than. Kyle Walker, Dimitar Berbatov and most notably, Gareth Bale were not allowed to go until the clubs hit Levy’s number.

As well as transfers, keeping key players signed up to long-term contracts has been another key success, with this summer being a key example.

Harry Kane is very unlikely to leave no matter where Spurs finish, Tottenham and Levy hold all the cards due to constantly giving Kane pay rises in exchange for a longer-term commitment.

Levy’s crowning achievement has to be the stadium. The club owns a world-class stadium, funded in a sensible way without plunging the club into financial turmoil. 

Whilst the Glazers pay huge dividend payments into their own pockets at United, Levy has worked tirelessly to secure Tottenham’s future.

We may end up with nothing to show from our golden generation of players and that will be a great shame and a failure of Levy’s tenure, but that stadium will be our club’s future for the next century as a source of revenue, a lure for the best players and a monument for our fans.

The stadium was the Levy project and we have him to thank for that incredible structure.

Levy has made mistakes, the Super League included, but his benefits have always outweighed his negatives and he is by far, a better option than the devil you don’t know.

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  1. If Levy had of continued to push we would not have had 5 yrs of back to back regression worst finish in 12 (joint 13th). He has forfeited on pitch success for a stadium that we were promised would not comprise squad investment (which was a lie), which he still cannot agree a deal for naming rights. He then furthered lied about the European league. He has refused expert negotiation help for free! He’s now lied that the Conte interview was real. If it were real he would never have even interviewed Conte as even a 10 ur old knew Conte expects investment and to not only
    work with youth. So if the interview is not smoke and mirrors there is a complete failure to understand the world of football. Levy has failed to learn from his mistakes and continues to make the same ones. There was an opportunity to show he is a businessman by investing at the right time again he refused. Any chairman refusing to invest for 18 months shows a complete disregard for the club and football. In football facts and figures do all the talking and Levy has shown he is the only common factor that has not changed and the demise continues. Anyone believing that Levy should stay is simply not listening to facts and does not understand that a chairman that consistently lies to its staff, players and fans should be banned for the footballing world. He is a disease eating away at the club interested in only money. Again all of this is backed up with facts widely documented. Whilst I agree that Levy got us somewhere he refused to do his job in even attempting to keep them there and in the real world of actual jobs it’s gross misconduct (let alone the Super League which again is gross misconduct).

  2. I agree with you George!

    Unless there is a Sugar Daddy out there who can provide an undertaking to take the club to another level with a huge transfer budget, what is the point of protesting against ENIC?

    The biggest gripe I have is how Managers such as Martin Jol, Harry Redknapp and most recently Jose Mourinho have been dismissed.

    Also the recruitment of players have been incredibly poor with the likes of Sanchez, Lo Celso and Ndombele failing to enhance the squad.

    Hopefully a Sporting Director will help improve recruitment but ENIC are better than previous Owners such as Alan Sugar and Irving Scholar.

  3. Thank-you for your unbiased opinion Mrs Levy! Just for the record, ENIC (Lewis and Levy) have now been in charge of THFC since 2001, during which time we have won 1 trophy, in the intervening 20 year period, the worst such two-decade run for the club since WWII. In addition to which the club, under Levy’s chairmanship, have also run up a generational debt, currently an estimated £970 million, the largest such debt of any club in world football.

    In spite of being sponsored by an insurance company (AIA), Levy failed to insure the club against the one event, namely a global pandemic, that could have derailed ENIC’s business model in building the new stadium. ENIC have no personal liability for the debt incurred in building this edifice, nor have invested a penny of their own money in the club, hence their ownership, unlike those of Abramovic (Chelsea), Sheik Mansour (Man City), has been entirely parasitic, conducted for the benefit of themselves and their shareholders..

    Notwithstanding the fact you have a chairman who pays himself the highest salary in English football, has presided over the worst period of club success since the 1930’s, whilst running up an extinction level debt, entirely collateralised against the assets of the club and has shown a total inability to construct a team capable of winning any silverware, you want him to stay?! A stance that defies all logic. ENIC out!


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