Opposition manager claims that he sympathises with Dier’s actions

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur come up against Burnley in the Premier League this evening as they look to recover from four straight defeats in all competitions.

Spurs have recorded defeats against RB Leipzig in the Champions League, Chelsea and Wolves in the Premier League, and Norwich City in the FA Cup in recent weeks.

Head coach Jose Mourinho has already revealed his intention for Dier to take to the field at Turf Moor (BBC) despite the earlier news that the FA have launched a probe into his mid-week actions (Express).

After the final whistle against Norwich, Dier was seen storming into the west stand to confront a fan, climbing around ten flights of seats to reach him.

The Express report that Dier did so to protect his younger brother Patrick, who he believed to be in danger after the defeat.

Burnley manager, Sean Dyche, has now claimed that he sympathises with the actions of the Spurs defender, even adding that he has had a word with multiple fans himself this season.

He said (Daily Mail): “You manage a group of people but they are people and everyone has a moment when enough is enough.

“I don’t know the details but if you think logically for a player to feel the need or urge to do that then it must have been something serious. On this occasion, a player has decided that enough is enough.

“I have had it twice this year, only twice in a long time, and I am pretty thick-skinned.

“Twice this season I have thought it was too much and I have said to the person, not using any expletives, ‘that is enough now’ when it has gone too far. There are children in the stands as well.

“If it was two 18-year-olds then let it go, they’re probably with their mates and we’ve all seen that. But this was two grown men and I thought ‘whoa, hang on a minute’.

“Mine is two instances in thousands of very good moments with supporters both around stadiums and outside stadiums and when I am with my family and stuff.

“Most people are really good and they just want a chat and a bit of fun. It is only two moments I have had.

“No complaints or anything, no complaints to the clubs, just ‘enough now, that’s enough’. And they don’t stop. Some do, some don’t.

“We all understand that you pay your money and all that but that can’t give you carte blanche to just say literally whatever you want to someone, I’m not sure that’s quite right.

“Sometimes it’s tongue-in-cheek personal and you know the difference. I’ve been around football all my life so I know the difference between when it’s tongue-in-cheek and when it’s too much.

“I don’t know how you govern it or manage it but on this occasion, it has highlighted where a moment goes too far.

“I must make it clear there’s no drama from my point of view, fans have been very good to me, home and away.”

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