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William Gallas

So, Tottenham signing William Gallas, what’s all that about then?. As the hype around football gets bigger and bigger it’s sometimes hard to keep perspective on things like this. According to the media, a former Arsenal captain crossing North London should apparently have us Spurs fans shocked and outraged and chaining ourselves to the Bill Nicholson gates. What is Harry thinking of, letting a man like Gallas anywhere the white shirt, Macnamara’s Band, the Jumbotrons and Chirpy? Harry’s thinking of improving his squad of course. Redknapp’s no Perryman, Roberts or Hoddle, he doesn’t have Spurs in his blood and doesn’t have the reflex antipathy to all things Gooner related that fans do. His bemusement at our reaction to Scumbell shows that.

Assou-Ekotto’s comment that Darth Vader could come to Spurs for all he cares perhaps shows his naivety with regards to most people’s opinion of the true location of the Dark Side but also shows the general attitude of footballers everywhere. The modern generation are mercenaries who care little about loyalty to clubs and fans and probably expect even less in return.

But it’s not as if we’ve bought Adams, Dixon, Charlie George or that little twat Fabregas. We’ve bought a player who played only four seasons at Arsenal, and won nothing whilst he was there. He’s still more closely associated with Chelsea in my mind.

So given that he’s here and Redknapp’s going to play him then apart from one more nutter than we had before, what does Gallas add? He’s obviously no spring chicken given that he celebrated his 33rd birthday last week. In his time at the New Library he started only 102 league games, so he’s injury prone. But he has bags of European experience and is also a leader on the field, something we lack and maybe the thing that attracted him to Redknapp the most.

We’ve signed him because we’ve failed to deal properly with the King & Woodgate injuries. We’ve just let the situation drift until Michael Dawson finds that he has had three different partners at the back in the first three games of the season. The squad is full of quality but isn’t big enough to cope with everything liable to be thrown at it.Given this Redknapp is at least attempting to make sure we’ve got cover in a position we’re short on.

And it’s only for one, maybe two seasons. I’m not saying that we should welcome Gallas with open arms and change the subject of the Gomes song or anything, all  I am saying is that maybe we’ll look back on him fondly in a few years time, as we do on Edgar Davids for instance who did a job for us at the end of his career. It’s unlikely that Gallas will end up at Selhurst Park mind.



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  1. was shocked at first, still erm a bit erm who, but geting past his past , wil gallas is a strong defender, with bags of experience, and organisational skills we badly lack, i see harrys thinking, we now need a scoring midfielder with some presence and linking up skills, and a forward who can add speed to our attack.
    on saturdays game, wilson needs a rest, kaboul needs to play, lennon needs to find a pair of shooting boots altho his build up play was excellent, he needs to take the bit and find the back of the net more often.bale is geting into and taking shots more and it took the pressure off the team, tom take note c o y spurs

  2. personally i think this is a shrewd piece of business, with woodgate out long term weve brought in a quality defender with experience so we dont have to keep rushing king back as for he played for arsenal,who cares unless your 10 or a deliquent get a life and support the club and stop worrying what other people do!

  3. The Gooners are going to be quick to say he was a useless moaning nutter and we are welcome to him. Don't give them the satisfaction. He is one of our players now so we should back him 100% , until he has a crying fit in the centre circle – then we can give him stick :)

  4. Gooner scum he was in a previous life,now he plays for Spurs and as long as he gives it all in the Spurs cause i will give him my support.Anyone who has read other posts of mine knows that i am not a Liberal.I detest the filth down the road more than anything i can think of,just imagine if he plays a blinder against the scum maybe preventing them scoring or better still scoring against them.I want him for his skill,experience and we need some cover at the back.Who knows when or if Woody will be back and Ledders is a one game a week player at present and i cant believe it has taken this long to address the problem at the back.Gallas may want to stuff the wenger wanksters for old times sake.A ny player that wants to win as much as Gallas has to be good news.Spurs need that killer mentality for the fight ahead.

  5. Personally, considering he is free, I just hope he a good signing. He is better than Kaboul and Corluka at CB and I can see no problem. There are allot of moronic fans here and i am embarrassed that they are associate with my beloved Spurs! So what if he played for 2 of our local rivals? If he serves the purpose of doing a job for us, so what if in the past he played in red and for the other blue team down south? Look at it this way:-

    Sol campbell left us on a free at the top of his game and went to Arscum. Do u think the Ars fans cared that he played for Spurs? no, he was accepted and the rest is history. Micky Hazard left us to play for Chelsea and was a legend there (at the time) – did they care where he came from? probably not, I can see these same morons writting dribble about Gallas, booing him at the lane for no reason other than his past.

    Boy some Spurs fans can be so idiotic at times – grow up, for the sake of YID, grow up

  6. Splayers if they had previous history with Arsenal, Chelsea etc cannot possibly have the best interest of Spurs at heart..Thank God for Harry and someone with good sense.

  7. He has stuck two fingers up to the squaters from Woolwich so judge him on what he does for Spurs.-For me he is just what we need with Leds knee and Woodys injuries.

  8. if e bangz in a header against the scum all will b forgiven, lol, rumour is Robbie Keane's a gonner apparently him getting stroppy before the game in Bern the other night is thought 2 be final straw 4 redknapp, and a bid has been lodged for Luis Fabiano believed to be around 14-15m

  9. Twitchy has stuck 2 fingers up at the fans but Im not surprised after the rSol/Pompey episode. He's a good manager but has no feeling for the club. We've all known of the Woody/King situation so why leave it so late that you have to sign this ex-gooner oap. Just going to divide the fans again but we've had decades of that eh!!!!!! Sometimes I think he's just done it for the media coerage as he never seems to be out of the papers :-)

  10. spuds aka scum aka tottenham are shite. yes you are welcome to him. 33 old boy. we took sol cambell when he was the best in the league. arsenal r the best

  11. If he comes in, doesn't play up, does his job and plays well, then I don't care who it is. As long as it's not Campbell, anyone else can come in and play for us, as long as they play well. Welcome William Gallas, your a yiddo now lad!

  12. Shrewd piece of business by Harry, would you rather we spent 10 mil on Curtis Davies or Upson? Gallas better player, welcomed with open arms……..WELL DONE MR REDKNAPP X

  13. I'll admit to not being happy when he was first linked. Now I realise this is a very shrewd signing indeed. A leader with season after season of top level experience in for our first Champions League campaign filling a position that needed strengthening. On a free. This is the type of signing that we needed. Bollocks to his ar*enal past. Welcome to the Lane mate.

  14. I was pretty shocked at first, like many of us no doubt, but the more I think about it the better it looks.

    The crucial thing to my mind though is that he's made to feel welcome, and by the fans early on especially, for this to work out as well as it can (and it COULD be great for us). Born winner, a leader, great experience…bring it on!

    Not many rumours that he caused problems at Chelsea until towards the end, after a good few (incredibly successful and accomplished) years. Apparently he didn't get along with half the Arse team – sounds good to me! I'll bet he's absolutely desperate to get something over them this season, all the better!

  15. I would have preferred Harry to address the defensive issues we have rather than look at yet more central midfielders and strikers. We missed the boat with Kjaer who would have been a much better long term solution and I think we are being hampered because of King wqho is half a player but well worth keepining hold of. They should have ripped up Woodgates contract and said thanks but goodbye and tried to look at someone for long term. Perhaps short term this is a cost effective solution as there is no fee and he fits into our wage structure. Ok so he played for gooners, but George Graham was a much bigger red and he crossed the divide and even won us a trophy with a less than impressive team. I give him some due already for having the bottle to come to us so fair play to him – but it is hardly on the same levels of controversy as the Campbell saga. Harry has an eye for a bargain still and he is a winner and perhaps thats what we need. If he does crap then we can kick his arse and hate him.

  16. come on the spurs!!!
    gallas is a good bit of business..for all you hater fans,its only a one year deal so u need not worry..but if he plays well your all gona love him.and he will play well.hes what weve been missing since we lost naybet.i think naybet helped king come on leaps and bounds in his time at spurs.its a mentality thing,daws and bass will beneift a huge deal from will-g

    gallas to score the winner in a 3-2 win against the scum at the emirates.. and then do a adebayor round the whole pitch!!!



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