Out of our hands – yet again


There is a lot in this article, but, I feel, all relevant.

Same old, same old. I have mentioned many times that we generally ‘blow it’ year in, year out, and as usual it’s the same again this year. We had Champions League in our own hands against Fulham, Wigan and Chelsea and as usual blew it again each time. Now we have to hope Chelsea and the Woolwich Wanderers slip up while we must win our last two games.

I said in my last article that I felt we would get something out of the Chelsea game. We got a point, and in my opinion it was a point gained rather than two lost, because for a team that basically ‘had’ to win, it didn’t look to me as though we really wanted it. Apart from the last 15 mins, Chelsea were all over us and were quicker to the ball and just seemed to want it more than us. I thought it was generally a disappointing performance, but then being honest we have been pretty poor for a good few weeks now.

I have to say Ade was outstanding and worked hard and was probably our best player on the night. Saying that, it begs the question why he cant play like that more often. As for Huddlestone, who couldn’t tackle his way out of a paper bag, he was such a weak link. He got caught in possession, seemed lost as to where he should be on occasions, didn’t tackle, in fact, basically his usual. Benny and Kyle have had bad seasons all round, and we certainly missed Dembele last night.

I have to say as the season progressed, that i have very slightly warmed to AVB, but i have to say his handling of things last night left a lot to be desired again. For a match we Had to win and score goals, he leaves our second top scorer and only other striker on the bench. If a game was made for Defoe, it was last night with so much space being available especially in that last 15 mins, yet what does AVB do, he brings on Dempsey instead of Defoe. Like all the rest of us in the ground, we were stunned at that decision. That is possibly just another AVB decision that could cost us a Champions League place.

So as always in the last couple of months of a season, it’s frustration after frustration, and now relying on others to slip up. The next 10 days are also going to be nail-biting, but as happens more often than not, i think we are going to once again just fall short.

However, let’s hope I am wrong.

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  1. The performance wasn't that bad. We merely suffered from Bale, Holtby, Lennon being anonymous until 2 of them got taken off. Siggy & Dempsey improved things, and I thought we played quite well from that point on – whilst acknowledging a degree of dodgyness. Ekotto was left hopelessly exposed by Bale's absence on the wing that he was supposed to occupy… Or was it that Ekotto was supposed to be higher up as a wing back? I don't know. Hudd had an off night, In the end, you have to take a point. I disagree about the Defoe thing… he has only scored like 2 goals in his last 20 games… He has a great shot, but off form.

  2. Yep , its like deja vu all over again……. " Out of our hands"…….well i was proud of the lads last night, after going a goal down so early on they kept battling and although they were out played for the majority of the game, we still got a point. Well done chaps, chin up :)
    Im not expecting miracles, its AVB's first season in charge, he didnt get the backing he needed in the January transfer window, we didnt get the striker we needed so bad, so all in all if we finish 5th then all is not lost, its a good foundation for next season. COYS and fingers crossed that the Woolwich Wanderers drop points in the next 2 games

  3. I disagree re Defoe; his performance against Southampton was woeful; arguably his worse of the season, and that is saying something.
    AVB gambled on Gylfi rather than JD, and the proof is in the pudding…one chance, one goal.
    To put that in perspective, Defoe has scored 1 goal from over 40 attempts in the last 4 months.
    One further thing as you "slightly warm" to our manager. You have a look at how many goals we have scored within 10 minutes of a substitution this season; I would wager he has garnered more points than any other on that front; we have a squad of mediocrities following the appalling behaviour in the transfer window by our Chairman; selling Modric and VDV, not signing a proper striker (Dempsey will never be a proper stiker fyi) is down to Levy…where we are today, is miraculous for a squad that boasts so many poor players.

    • Point taken Royal, i was talking more about Defoe instead of Dempsey in the situation we were in, I did'nt actually mention Gylfi. I still think Defoe could have made a difference, but of course, it is all about opinions.

      By CheekyCockney

  4. As always a really great blog and i believe it speaks for most of us. There will i am sure be some who disagree with you, but for the vast majority i am sure you speak for us all. As you say though, lets hope you are wrong. Problem is, in All your articles you have proved to be right, so for once in your life, please be wrong LOL

    • What are you talking about? This is the same blogger who said after 2 games of the season that AVB must be immediately sacked! How has he been 'proved right' every time?

      • And your the idiot OneSpur who cant put a sentence together and never gives a constuctive message. If you read all cheeky's blogs you will find that he has been proved right all along. I am not the only one to say that, many others have too. Regaring AVB, how many more times do you need to be told that AVB HIMSELF said that if we did'nt make the top four he would class himself as a failure. So if we dont make the top four, cheeky will be correct once again. But you should also note – but perhaps you cant read – that cheeky has said he hopes he is proved wrong. That is very honest, far more honest than pricks like you who just moan at him all the time. So i would say, as hundreds of others will agree, that you OneSpur should say something contructive and either Put Up or Shut Up, and i think most of us would prefer you to Shut Up.

  5. I totally agree with what Cheeky has said, i do agree that Defoe should have come on instead of Dempsey, we just need something different and AVB did'nt do it. We need a bit of a miricle once again, it's just a shame its f*******g arsenal again who will probably gain in our loss. Its so depressing, but it happens every year.

  6. Yeh, i hope you are wrong too Cheeky, but have the feeling you will be correct again as you always seem to be.

  7. what concerns me more after watching, again, Martin flop sorry Fulops performance for WBA this time last year
    v Arse where he basically threw in 2 goals to hand them CL qualification (watch 1st goal again-almost grobelaar like) is how Wigan will do Tuesday. Thank god they are fighting to stay up themselves so at least have something to play for. Beating Man City Saturday will be a massive confidence boost of course but knowing our luck their whole team will be struck down by some mystery illness after the Cup Final..

  8. Melanie, you go girl. I've been reading cheeky's articles and OneSpur is always having a moan at him. I'd say OneSpur is OneArsehole. Like you i wish he'd get a life. He should try writing articles, but what i have seen him write before, its obvious he cant string more than 2 words together.

    Keep up the good work Cheeky, you certainly have our support.

  9. This is my first time on the site and would like to say what a great site it is. I am in my 20's and I have been reading quite a lot on the site over the last couple of weeks and decided to make a comment. I have to say that for me CheekyCockney is by far the best writer on the site and i agree with most of what he says. What i have also noticed is the amount of Morons who also leave comments on the site, well i say comments, some are just 'one word' abuse. Perhaps those who run the site should have a stipulation of say a minimum of 50 words for a comment. That would possibly stop the 'one word idiots' from being able to be abusive.


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