Palacios out, Diarra in


Wilson Palacios - Tottenham Hotspur News

Rumours are circulating that Wilson Palacios is on the verge of joining Stoke City.

The Tottenham Hotspur midfielder has found himself behind the likes of Tom Huddlestone and Sandro in the pecking order at the Lane and will link up with Tony Pulis in the hope of regular first-team football.

The well respected Spurs ‘ITK’ poster POTL claims that Palacios will compete his move to Stoke and Lassana Diarra is arriving from Real Madrid in his place.

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  1. No no no nooooooooo……. this is not what Spurs fans want to see, Levy mentioned to Modders that he will show Modders we have the ambition by making some big signing, Arry said Modders urged Spurs to add quality to the ranks to show they are serious and this is the response ?????? What about a striker , the striker that we have all been promised for the whole of the summer break ???????????????????

    • Who exactly would you buy if you were sitting in Levy's office right now? Forget about a striker – unless you're happy with another middle of the road average Joe (Llorente, Vucinic, Nilmar etc – they all fall in to that bracket)

      We're not going to be able to do £40m on a PROPER world class striker until a) we pay £100k+ a week and b) we are in the CL.

    • It is actually possible that a club chairman can broker more than 1 deal at a time, just because Levy is (apparently) close to finalising a deal for Diarra it doesnt mean that the strike pusuit is not still on going in negotiations, football transafers are never simple and we need to remember that, its hardly that the club are unaware of our main issue and they will be doing all they can to address it, the sooner us fans learn to just wait and not expect everythign on a silver plate the better off we will be, we're nowhere near the last few hours of the window yet thats when players and agents really show there hand. Levy rarely lets us down and I dont expect him to this window.

      • Plus we need a DM! If anyone has seen our pre season games they will have seen the alarming regularity that a 'number 10' can slot into the whole between our midfield and defence to pick up the ball and get a pass off, unfortunately without Sandro we are just too flat in the midfield, Thudd doesnt sit deep enough, Jenas simply isnt that type of player and its not Modders/Niko/VDV job to be there to break up play.
        If Redknapp really is going to pull a top striker out of the bag who can play up top then I believe we will play 4-3-3 with a high 3 of the new strike with VDV and Bale, this means 3 CM of Modric, Sandro + 1 other, what with the fact we have 2 out and out wing backs now who play high up the pitch, we will need two DM who can slot in and break up couter attack play, Diarra is fantastic at this, the Spanish league is too fickle for a player like him, he needs to be in the more physical premier league.

        Wilson……. Its been emotional, Good luck Sarge!

  2. Little point in Diarra coming in. With Hudd, Sandro, Modric, Pienaar AND Niko/Jenes, PLUS possibly VDV – CM is covered. Also If Modric goes, Diarra is not the stop gap.

  3. I hope this is true. Maybe now we will see some incoming movement. Hopefully Crouch, Bentley, Hutton, GDS and maybe even Bassong and Kranjcar will follow. About 45 mil if we sell all these players!

  4. Diarra is undoubtedly a better player than Palacios – but is a central midfielder really a priority?

    Does this bump Sandro down the pecking order?

    • sandro is out for almost 6 months with an injury, so would rather have diarra to replace sandro in that time than palacios, or jenas anytime. diarra is class and real is fucking crazy to let him go that's my opinion.

  5. fuck modders and fuck trying to appease the little croat prick, they wanna leave fine, stick em in the stiffs till they fucking beg to be put back.

  6. ah where to start firstly i dont care what all you other spurs fans say palacios is quality he may have been poor last year but the guy lost his brother give him a break i can think of defoe and jenas that did worse just off the top of my head oh and useless bassong or useless pienaar palacios is better than jenas by miles jenas should be the first of our midfielders to go all he does is give the ball away or pass sideways or let the team run through our middle, and we dont need another striker to replace pav defoe or crouch we just need a better player than keane to be replaced. we just need to play 442 4411 has affected the balance of the team as great as vdv is we need to figure out a way to get him in the team but still be able to get players up the pitch which we struggle with in 4411 and rotation is a must this year but i think we need to keep people like rose gds bently for cc europa games 4th is achievable this season well have bale back to his best and fully fit which is a major bonus keeping modders is a must i belive were still good enough and we may even be better than the scum next year but we gotta be positive and when we find it hard to break teams down dont get agitated and moan at them get behind them its gonna b hard but were good enough imo COME ON YOU SPURS

    • Bad news mate – someone stole all your punctuation lol. Someone summed it up best the other night: Palacious, superb at winning the ball. Even better at giving it away


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