MF looks back at Panathinaikos 1-1 Spurs


Well clearly it takes more than a manager taking the competition seriously to guarantee progression in the Europa League then. Being able to take maximum advantage when you’re on top seems of more worth than a positive mindset.

A barrel load of good possession and intent in the first half led to a narrow lead, a flood of sloppiness, inertia and incompetence led to an equaliser though and nearly, in the end, defeat.

I was watching on TV admittedly but the whole thing, especially in the second half, seemed really flat. A half empty stadium, the pre-season friendly pace of the game, the boring and apparently oh-so-bored commentators (“how many syllables are there in Christodoulopoulos?”), the somnambulism of the defence (a malaise that eventually spread through the rest of the side as their technique and awareness seemed to collectively disappear), all combined to make up a less than heady cocktail. Shouting at the screen, mostly in the hope of waking Walker up, seemed the only sensible option. Not the preferred behaviour at 7:30 on a Thursday evening.

Really poor.

We should be aiming at 11 points at least to make sure we get out of this group, that means 3 wins from the remaining four games. Maribor away at the end of this month and we’ll need to buck our ideas up. Maybe some Powerking for Adebayor would help.


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