Pav: They said my career was all but over


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Roman Pavlyuchenko believes he has proved he is worthy of a place in the Spurs team.

The out-of-favour Russian striker came off the bench to score two goals in Tottenham’s 3-0 win against Wigan on Wednesday night.

“Many people here and at home have buried me as a footballer,” he said.

“They said my career was all but over. That’s why I wanted to score on Sunday like never before.”

“Before the game, I worked so hard in training that even Redknapp praised me, which hasn’t happened for quite a while,” he said.

“But despite being in the perfect mood today, I do realise one good game still doesn’t mean much.”


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  1. I think that Roman has been wasted for a long time and it filled my heart to see him come on and prove to us all at spurs that he should never be left on the bench. It just makes you wonder how many wins were let go with him not even being played on the field.
    SUPER-SUB PAVLYUCHENKO ??? Play him every singl week Harry !! For the love of God !!

  2. Pav is class – Perhaps Harry doesn’t know how to play him. He prefers the Little and Large show with Crouch and Defoe.

    Yes it does work but Pav is a different class of player.

  3. alll our front men need rotating and it will do the team no harm to drop crouch for a while and let him fight for his place like the rest of the squad.. it is harrys weak point to always play the players that he thinks are tried and trusted..think he should buy the zambian Emmanuel Mbola saw clips of him on youtube and he looks like a good old fashioned left you know if he can play along the back line as he looks one for the future.

  4. Calm down everyone…….I agree that Crouch seems to offer nothing other than a long ball, but lets not get carried away with Pav. He’s good but world class i think not. Doesn’t sound like he has a good work ethic or really applies himself in training and still onl speak a little English even having been here for ample time.

    Time to take Crouch out but i’d rather see Gudjohnsen replace him than Pav.

  5. yank yid. no. pav has always been a splendid footballer, he IS world class. ive been sitting the whole season scratching my head as to why the hell hes not been given a run of the park.
    also mervynni, pav aint exactly a midget either, hes 6’2, yes thats 5 inches less that crouch but have you seen how much more dynamic he is? hes faster, more agile and can control the ball far better than crouch.
    GO PAV!

  6. Stop this Crouch bashing…he gives us options- he is looking a bit stale and short on confidence but this could reflect on our style of play- the midfield should be providing him with options when we punt it to him he has to keep finding defoe- he must be given more options or get it to him on deck. He appears better on deck than in the air. Pav is top class finisher- Arry has 2 understand he’s not likely 2 put in shift regularly- he’s a berbatov type of player- get him playing 2 his strengths- I think we going 2 need him both Crouch and Defoe are looking slightly off- they keep losing the ball unless the midfield are too deep???

  7. crouch is shit, and sell him in the summer, he is not a spurs type player, harsh but true, everton will buy him, and take that pratt jenas with him.
    he may be 6ft 7ins, big deal, he cant header brilliantly with the advantage it gives him, he gives away so many free kicks, his link up play is very minimal, his technical ability is very average, and his goalscoring is crap, hes supposed to be a striker, not a goalpost, get rid.

  8. in terms of the whole crouch situation you can claim that harry just goes for his favs BUT i’d think that as a manager he’s better than that. From what i can tell Pav isn’t the best of trainers and doesn’t seem to put the work in there, if he doesn’t then he should just be a sub even with the undoubted talent he has.
    As for crouch i believe it’s good to add him on the team as it does give us another option which is always good.
    For anything else we can’t say much as we don’t know what goes on behind the scene’s

  9. I’d be a great trainer at Spurs. I’d turn up early, run my heart out, then I’d stay late and practice well until the night when Hudd is off chomp on another pasty and Defoe speeds off down the West End to bag another Wag. Thing is though, on match day I’d be utter crap.

    Points are scored in matches, not on the training pitch. OF course Pav should show the right attitude in training and can’t be picked if he is totally lazy as this sends out a bad message. The fact is though I’m sure all players show varying degress of commitment in training and some people are always gonna show a bit more in the big arena. We actually need MORE of that mentatlity at Spurs.

  10. Well said Fadnapp, best of above posts. None of us know what goes on behind closed doors or on the training pitch. Any player who is lazy or doesn’t show the right attitude in training does not have the automatic right to play on Saturday. Harry has used Pav as an example to the other team members, train hard work hard and you’ll get your rewards. Pav may have just woken up to that fact Didn’t his national coach say that Pav needs a kick up the arse now and again. Would love to see Pav and JD start the next game with Eider coming on late in the second half, rest Crouchy. COYS

  11. you cant just get in the team because you are tall, but thats what crouch does, and its not good enough for us spurs fans, he doesnt play our way, or should i say cant.
    please fellow fans analyse crouch as i have done, and you will come to the same conclusion, heading 7, passing 5, control of ball 6, link up play 6, liability to giving fouls 8, shooting 5, headed goals 6, tackling 5, pace 6, he is not a good football player, and he is only an option player, should never be near starting 11, but we are paying a lot of money, for an average footballer, whereas we could go and get a cheaper player down in the lower leagues, who could use their height in the same way.

  12. Cant believe some of the rubbish I’m reading here!!! Crouch is a quality player, who has scored plenty of important goals for who ever he plays for(including england!).I also agree the Pav is quality too and in my humble opinion Redknapp should rotate these two to fit in with Defoe. When one looks a little off pace or stale sub him, this will help with competition for places and keep these two hungry! Quite simply whoever is playing the better football start with him and if we need to change it later on in the game then do it! But please stop knocking Crouch, at least he wants to be at the club, unlike Pav who seems to want to go asap!

  13. Just so glad pav has now got the chance to show us his worth.American yid,stick to your American football and baseball, you no nothing about classy premiership players.

  14. then the front two should be, defoe and pavlychenko, with 3rd choice gudjohnsen, and then theres crouch, the blb option, boring long ball option.

  15. in my view, harry has handled the situation perfectly- he know’s pav’s a class player but a bit lazy, he’s made pav work harder in training and now made him really hungry for a chance in the first team. that’s only gonna work to spurs advantage, just at the right stage of the season-it’s like having a new striker. Fergie does the same with his squad.

  16. crouch has his flaws but he does add variety to our play as do defoe and pav. All of them have a role to play. Crouch has improved us defensively particularly away from home defending corners and free kicks into our box. A couple of years ago we could not even get a corner away from home but now we are going to places and winning. Arry has done a good job so far and desrves more respect. Crouchy is not a 20 goal a season man but he has made us more competitive and less of a soft touch. i think given another summer of tweeking the squad and arry will make us a top 4 team. Get off the backs of crouch and arry and support the club. come on the spurs!


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