Pavlyuchenko feels Redknapp is making fun of him


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Tottenham striker Roman Pavlyuchenko has launched another attack on Harry Redknapp.

The out of favour forward has been quoted in the Russian media as claiming that Redknapp has made him a laughing stock.

“I think it’s the end of the affair, not with the team but with the head coach” said Pavlyuchenko.

“Sometimes I have a feeling that Redknapp is just making fun of me. I told him that this cannot go on, since I wouldn’t help my team with sad thoughts in my mind.“

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  1. how about u and your agent shut your mouth..He and u agreed to sign a deal.You get sold when the club want to sell you not when you throw a strop…we paid over the odds as your agent played hard ball now its back in your face you dont like it…Untill your sold shut your mouth as the club pay your wages

  2. I feel sorry for Pav and believe Harry as treated him like a piece of shit just becasue he was not one of his buys and he does not like him. He would be a triffic asset to our team if given a proper chance. Levy should take Harry to task over the abuse of this lovely lad. Lets not forget it cannot be easy for him in a new country and having to cope with a new language. mark my words where ever he goes he will be a star. Shame on you Harry and all you Pav knockers

  3. South Upper should shut it too. This is abt a person’s career! U can’t just go on signing talented players and ruin their careers due to favourtism! Now O’hara wants to leave. He has done so well for Portsmouth cause they believe in his ability. How many young talents have left our club shaking their heads. It has got to stop or players wud think twice about joining us in the future!

  4. Pav has refused to play and when he gave is gloves away he showed us fans he wants to leave Harry has told him if he train hard and stops pretending to have groin problems that are not real he will like Bentley be given a chance.He could move to Russia and still be sat on the bench

  5. Pav has been treated disgracefully by Redknapp. Recent results show we are too predictable with high balls in to Crouch.

    Give him a run – look at how well Bale has done with a run in the team.

    We are turning into his old Portsmouth team and we know where they are now.

  6. I can agree with both sides of the coin here. I believe that Pav is good enough to play for Spurs but we dont see him in training and Harry does. If he keeps talking to the press he will not further his claims for a starting spot, he should be more professional like Robbie Keane was when he was on the bench. if he works hard in training i believe he gives us a better option than Crouch but it’s down to him really

  7. We all know about Pav but looking around the club and reading between the lines there seems to be a growing number of disillusioned players around. Not a good sign for a manager who’s supposed to be such a great man manager. Looks like players want to leave left, right and centre. This may be a bit easier to swallow if the players in favour were doing the business on the pitch but their not which makes me wonder more and more about Harry and the long term damage he may be doing to the club. There’s a few young players that look like their gonna be out now without ever having much of a chance (Dos Santos, O’Hara, Taarabt etc maybe the likes of Bostock to follow) These are players to whom the club invested a lot of time and money but projects, I suspect are beyond Harry’s comprehension given his experience at smaller clubs without the resources for these things. Look a bit further and one wonders if Harry can understand the concept of using a squad at all given that even Bale and Bentley have been brought in because Harry had no choice. I’m sure a counter argument could be the players Harry brought through at West Ham but were these lucky for Harry and did he only choose them because the squad was small and he did not have other senior options??

    As for Pav. Not normally able to support players who go out to the press but in these circumstances can understand his view. He was promised game time and hasn’t got any. When he has played he has performed but still isn’t played. Now Harry won’t sell him??? Its hard not to see not Harry’s ego with all of this….

  8. Also – as mentioned before, if you were a young up and coming player would you join Spurs under if this regime? As fan your heart might say yes but the head (with your career and future in mind) it would have to say no.


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