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Roman Pavlyuchenko has declared his intention to quit the club in the January transfer window.

In recent weeks, his agent and Guus Hiddink have repeatedly expressed concern that the Russian forward has not been playing and finally Pavlyuchenko has expressed this himself.

Pavlyuchenko finds himself fourth choice in the striking pecking order behind Peter Crouch, Jermain Defoe and Robbie Keane and Hiddink has warned him his position is under threat in the national team.

He has only made six appearances in all competitions this season and is intending to have showdown talks with Harry Redknapp after the World Cup qualifying play-offs against Slovenia over the next week.

“I want to leave the club. It is impossible to remain there under the circumstances I find myself in.

“I have been sitting on the subs’ bench for halfa year and as a result lost a place in the starting 11 of the national team.

“And now hopefully we will get to the World Cup – who will rely on a forward who does not play?

“I want to play and not just warm the bench.

“Immediately after the games with Slovenia, my agent and I are flying to London for purposeful negotiations and I want to take part in them personally.”

Pavlyuchenko was signed for £14m in August 2008 and is worried his move away will be delayed by Tottenham trying to recoup their outlay on the Russian.

“I will ask the management to quote a reasonable for me.

“Our manager Harry redknapp does not talk to me on the matter. At the start of the season, our manager said that four forwards is exactly the optimum number, but now he states three is enough.

“And I am the fourth one, so it is obvious that I should part with the club.

“The only thing that can stand in the way is an unmanageable price. But I will insist on leaving.

“The important thing now is to reach a compromise that will be suitable for the club and me, and my future club.”

Pavlyuchenko has been linked with moves back to Russia with Zenit St Petersburg and Spartak Moscow, as well as AC Milan and Valencia.

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  1. I think this is a case where he should be blaming himself, not the club. If he’s worried about being 4th choice, then maybe he should have tried a little harder. He never seemed to really get into the game and always looked sluggish. We all made the excuse last season that he never got a chance to rest after coming strait in from Russia’s season, but with last summer he had his rest and should have been ready to go this season. I hope the club will stand their ground and not sell him unless we get the price we expect. I’m tired of players wanting to quit clubs because they don’t get enough playing time. If you want more playing time, work harder.

  2. Gets knocked off the ball too easily, has never settled, looks weak, does not speak English so how the hell can Harry communicate with him. He seems to have got worse since we bought him not better, and yet again as with Rebrov an expensive eastern block flop! I would rather us just have 3 strikers and bank the cash for him. Not premier league class I am afraid.


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