Petition calls for Tottenham points deduction after stadium delays

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur announced last week that their brand new 62,000 seat stadium’s grand opening would be delayed for at least a couple of months.

The new ground, on the site of the old White Hart Lane, was due top open against Liverpool on September 15, but issues with the critical safety systems has delayed schedules.

Now games against Liverpool and Cardiff have been moved to Wembley, and rumours are circling that the delays could continue until as late as February 2019.

To make matters even worse for Spurs fans, rival supporters have now set up a petition on over a possible points deduction for Tottenham.

The 10,000 strong people signing up claim that Spurs have caused uncertainty around upcoming fixtures, which is worthy of a deduction.

Tom Smith, the account holder who set up the petition, stated in his description: “This is an issue that Tottenham and their owner Daniel Levy have known for some time but they continued to lead their own fans and the public up the garden path, surely the FA have to punish them for their actions, a smaller club would receive a points deduction, so what makes Tottenham an exception to this?”

Mr DT of ArsenalFanTV has even tweeted the petition from his personal twitter account.

A bit of tongue-in-cheek fun, or do people think there is a legitimate chance of a point deduction?

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  1. The delay is down to the contractors not leavey, he has had people working there 24 hours a day to meet a deadline and must have had some reassurances from the contractor or surely DL wouldn’t have announced anything without them. I mean why announce a deadline for opening when you know it’s not going to happen. He must have had talks with the contractors management and that was the assurances he must have been given.
    All this points deduction crap is to help insure we don’t get near the top 6 by other clubs, nothing more. Punishing the team for the contractors incompetence is not really setting a good example to England international’s who play at spurs and to any top flight team just because there has been a delay. There are thousands of places to play a game if the opposing team is willing to be a little more helpful. The money a team like spurs generate who have a flagship arena coming in soon is incredible and The premier league would do well to remember this. The delay is punishment enough on spurs without any of this utter rubbish. How many champagne teams with megabucks owners clearly get round the rules of fair play and wage caps by paying extra from offshore accounts, any points deductions for them or is it just spurs.

  2. A points deduction wouldn’t harm the club at all, just it’s players and it’s fans. Only spiteful people would sign such a petition making it a shameful and deplorable thing to even think of doing.

  3. The buck stops with Levy and the board on this, but it’s harming no one other than ourselves.
    So for rivals or any other ‘interested parties’ to try and make capital out of it stinks of desperation
    on their part. Talk of ‘running scared’, it’s pathetic.
    They should be pleased it’s a distraction for us anyway …ie continuing to play all games away from our
    natural home, and fighting (paying through the nose also) for Wembley and/or any other suitable ground
    that will have us, as well as the costs increasing daily on a project which should have been finished by now.
    For the FA to compound our woes (our woes, no one else’s) by the deduction of points
    would be a hard and bitter bill to swallow, and very unfair on the blameless players and fans!
    However, it IS getting ridiculous, so if the FA decided to enforce time penalties, by way of fines, so be it.

  4. What a tardy and trite bunch of losers these people are! Honestly the lengths and depths people will sink to in the vain hope that this will be laughably enforced somehow, and in order to see their rivals unfairly disadvantaged is both pathetic and deplorable. Whom ever dreamt up such a daft and quite frankly ridiculous notion has little if any sense of sporting credibility that is for certain, and all that follow such a ludicrous ideology are simply sad deluded idiots with no ethical understanding or integrity.This is abject nonsense from start to finish!

  5. Typical, another boot in for THFC as we have now won a trophy, Kane scores in August, proved you dont have to buy to be strong, so they have to find something to talk about. Bring it on. Perhaps Arsanal want a 15 point deduction to get close to us.

  6. Mr DT has a big mouth yet is afraid to use his real name. Anyone associated with that club of degenerates really do speak out of their behinds. They can’t even speak English properly and would fit in perfectly in a Pirates of the Caribbean film


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