Player Ratings: Basel 2–2 Tottenham


Whilst it may seem on the surface like a devastating end to the night (and it was), there were a lot of positives to take away. With 10 men, we defended resiliently for the whole of extra time and ground it out into penalties, where we unfortunately flopped. But look at the players who were off the pitch for us, for one reason or another by the time we got to extra time: Lloris, Naughton, Caulker, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Lennon, Dembele, Sandro, Parker, Bale, Defoe. And yet we still managed to deny the Swiss Champions previous defeaters of Bayern and Manchester United at their own stadium.

Brad Friedel – 6 – Not a bad display from Friedel, but not a great one either. Should have caught the ball for the Basel 2nd goal. And I’m not an expert on penalties; but Basel scored 4 and we scored 1, and our penalties didn’t seem much worse than theirs…

Kyle Walker – 7 – I actually thought that Walker played extremely well last night. He coped with the pacy Salah admirably and forced him to change flanks, and all-in-all he looked pretty secure.

Michael Dawson – 6 – A true game of two halves. In the first 60 minutes, he was flying into tackles that didn’t need to be made, and was generally poor. But in the last 60, he picked up and defended like a true leader, despite barely being able to stand during extra time.

Jan Vertonghen – 6 – Defended well enough until the red card. It could be argued that he didn’t need to make the tackle, but he genuinely believed he could get the ball. Also, I don’t know how he was denying a clear goalscoring opportunity when the Basel player was 30 yards away from goal, so I think yellow might have sufficed.

Kyle Naughton – 5 – Not the best evening, giving away too many fouls and couldn’t really cope with Basel’s overloading down the right flank. Deservedly subbed off for BAE.

Scott Parker – 5 – Another average performance, didn’t really contribute too much defensively or offensively and looked like he was struggling with passing the ball on their sodden pitch.

Mousa Dembele – 5 – Similar to Parker, a poor game from the Belgian and there could have been no boos when he was subbed off on this occasion. At fault for Basel’s first goal.

Clint Dempsey – 7 – He scored two goals and then contributed absolutely nothing else, but on a day when we never looked like scoring, he was key. The first goal in particular was well-taken.

Lewis Holtby – 6 – Ran around a lot, generally got some passes going. Still sprinting round in the 120th minute, a far cry from the old Holtby who had to be (or was) subbed off after 60 minutes in every match.

Gylfi Sigurdsson – 6 – Tried hard but for little reward. Took his penalty well.

Emmanuel Adebayor – 6 – Not his worst performance but not as good as he played against Everton. Led the line well. Not even going to mention the penalty.


Tom Carroll – 6 – Got the ball moving around well and defended admirably considering that isn’t the strongest part of the game.

Tom Huddlestone – 6 – Didn’t have time to influence the game with his passing before he had to move to centre-back, but similar to Carroll, defended admirably when it isn’t his strongpoint.

Benoit Assou-Ekotto – 5 – Anonymous.

So now we have to focus on getting into the Champions League!

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  1. you are very generous with your marks they were poor from the start avb is a little boy lost and chief back slapper mr. freund must go

  2. Come on what about the second goal a perfect pass which Dempsey nearly managed to mess up. People say he is too slow but I havent seen Dembele make such fantastic passes, he doesnt control the game , yes he runs and defends and can go past men so I reckon he ought to be the pocket man behind the striker with Holdtby/Sandro Hudd Bale and Lennon midfield.

    • Managed to mess up? He took a flighted ball down in a matter of a few steps and got his off foot onto the ball toward goal and scored an equalizer in the last 10 minutes of the match… What about that is messing up?

    • Enough with the trashing of Dempsey. Not only did he score twice but his passing was on mark including the pass to Vert that was Spurs best chance that wasnt a goal and he helped on D for the full 120. Sure the long shots can be frustrating but he has scored many outside the box and is due for another most likely in a big game. Holtby and Siggurdson are young and have skill but run around with there heads cut off 1/2 the time and neither them could have dummied that ball vs Everton. Composure and confidence will be needed to secure top 4 EPL spot and expect Dempsey to shine in the spot he has dreamed for. COYS!

  3. Giving Adebayor same rating as Holtby, Sigurdsson and Dawson is crazy. 4 should be Ade's rating for this game, and that is generous.

    In stead of passing the ball to his team mates who were better positioned he decided to do it all by him self.. witch ended with counter attack again and again from Basel.
    And that penalty… i am Ade's fan… but this was a terrible performance from the striker. :/

    • He did make the wrong decisions, but at least it shows signs of determination and confidence that have been sorely lacking most of the season. It is too easy to make a scapegoat out of Ade.

  4. Parker, Dembele pairing won't work without Bale in front of them. Bale is doing the running forward. Dembele and parker aren't able to speed up the tempo with one touch passing, they slow the game when we are in transition. Holtby or Carroll instead one of the two for me.

  5. I agree with Einar – Adebayor was shocking and a should never wear the shirt again. To grin after missing a vital penalty is unforgiveable and I never want to see him play for Spurs again even if we have no strikers.

  6. How can you say their penalties were not much better than ours? They were all on target one of ours was over the bar the other was almost a pass to the keeper!

  7. Once it went to penalties I knew we had no chance. Keepers can play on until advanced years but they do get shown up on penalties usually failing to get near any of them – remember Shilton in the world cup. As for the rest of the team, without Bale the players really do not know what to do and have very little composure. We really do need kaboul, sandro lennon defoe and bale back quickly.

  8. Was this a game we wanted to win? Why start with Friedel then – age has really caught up with him. We never had a chance with him between the sticks in the shootout.

    Parker and Dembele don’t work as a CM pairing. Neither are creative enough. Hudd should have started – exquisite ball for the equaliser. Carroll ‘did fantastic’ when he came on as well.

    Cashabayor is an absolute sheet anchor. The penalty was a shocker. Why does he also persist in drifting out to the flanks – he isn’t going to score from there.

    Naughton had a bit of a shocker for their equaliser as well – what the he’ll was he doing so advanced when we were winning.

    Despite all the above I thought we played well and there was only one team in it for the last 10 mins until Vertonghen got sent off (harsh I thought).

    6 big games left now. I want to stay positive but I think we have blown it again.

    • Can agree with most of this except Huddlestone starting. Basel were sitting back to defend their 2-1 lead which gave Huddlestone space to play his passes.
      If it would've stayed 11 v 11 then IMO we would've won as they were in a defensive mindset and we were doing all the pressing. As usual we shoot ourselves in the foot and get a man sent off and the dynamics of the game change.
      One day, just one day Spurs will do things the easy way!!

  9. I thought Tom Carroll did really well when he came on would like to see him playing more regularly and deserves a start, Give the boy a chance!!

  10. The scapegoating of Adebayor is convenient, too easy, simplistic, and undeserved.

    What lost us that tie was the red card to Super Jan, which was definitely a red, unnecessary, and we need look no further than there.

  11. why oh why do we insist on gifting goals to the opposition. Another 2 avoidable last night. Its a wonder we haven't been caught out more with these square passes across midfield, although its very difficult to pass forward when we've played without a striker(s) all season ! Sorry Brad; you've done us well but its time to go. Palming a catchable cross straight out in front is schoolboys stuff and cost us dearly. If we didn't already know it, this game has highlighted what desperately needs to be addressed in the summer ; another GK, quality LB, CM playmaker and for christ sake at least 2 strikers who know what a goal is !!

  12. I thought that ONLY Walker, Sigurdsson and Holtby were at anything like their best, last night. (7/8) all round.
    The rest of the team (including 2-goal Dempsey) were found desperately lacking in quality, for me, and as a result only register (5/6).

    To be fair, any team/squad missing 5 of it's MOST influential players (in Sandro Kaboul, Lennon, Bale and Defoe) isn't likely to roll over all comers, but whilst most saw scoring goals in the absence of some of those key men being an issue, the REAL problem has been conceding them.

    I think Anichebe must of done more damage than I originally thought, on Sunday, because ever since he gave Dawson and Co 'the run around' last week, Michael just hasn't looked the same. Clumsy, leaden-footed and unconvincing would be the words I'd use to some up Dawson's display against Basle. A performance where his decision, and POOR execution, in controlling a high ball ultimately saw the team reduced to 10 men at a time when Spurs seemed the most likely side to progress.
    On Daws' current form, Kabouls return from injury can't come soon enough. Michael WASN'T the only one to have a stinker, and both Ade and Brad Friedel will wake up this morning wondering whether time is up on their respective Tottenham careers. Despite Ade's early season claims that ' he is back and hungry to score goals for Spurs' he has been found wanting in SOME games, and Basle was one of them. I think his mis-control from a delightful Holtby pass (which was eventually ruled as offside) in the first half and a missed opportunity when put through, by the same player, seemed to kill his confidence (and with it his enthusiasm).

    As far as Friedel goes, any time he has to move his feet, he looks EVERY bit the 40+ year -old goalkeeper. I remember a header in the second half that looped up in the air, for what seemed like an eternity, and just went wide of Brads goal post, and the American did not move a muscle. Whether this is down to Friedel being a master of the angle, or the fact that he knew he just COULDN'T move his feet quick enough to get it,is another thing. But I must say, I have my suspicions.
    His part in the BOTH goals we conceded also left a lot to be desired, too.

    Despite a poor/ below par display from the majority of the team, in what was arguably the worst Quarter-Final, in terms of quality, I have EVER seen, I did see some positives.

    I thought Holtby played well, with his vision and one-touch passing really coming to the fore. If only Lennon, Defoe and Bale had been around to profit from his creativity maybe the result would have been so different.

    Gyfil Sigurdsson was exceptional, for me. Whilst he didn't have his best game in front of goal, his desire, commitment and ability, along with his WILLINGNESS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY in the absence of a number of key attacking players, just confirmed what I already knew…we've got a REAL player on our hands here. At 22 years old, the Icelandic International is poised to be a massive player for Spurs in both the present, and future fortunes of this great club.

    Kyle Walker also deserves a mention. Despite his tendency to be rash, mindless and impulsive at times, Kyle has tremendous mental and athletic qualities that can STILL see him fulfil his HUGE potential and become one of the very best right-backs in Europe.
    Full-back is a specialised position, that requires a more wide spread skill-set than ever before. And that is the reason, in my opinion, that there are very FEW world-class full-backs, under the age of 25, around.
    It's a position that you mature into as opposed to excelling consistently from the off.
    Kyle will make his mistakes, and still has a lot to learn but I personally wouldn't swap him for anyone, at this stage of his development.

    I think that in the end, being eliminated from this competition will ultimately benefit us this season. I believe that while we can honestly say we have a good squad, we have found out that we do not yet posses a great one. 6 games to secure a CL dream, and I for one am VERY confident we will do just that!!!



  13. Even if Adebyore could controll the ball and keep possession who was he going to pass to from the wings? He is the lone striker therefore he should be the one receiving the balls in from Siggy and co not the other way round. I could hardly bare to watch him it was so frustratingly obvious. Even the commentators got it!

    • when your a big striker u hold the ball up etc benteke, ba, holt, even suarez who is tiny…. once uve done that you pass to a winger or mf running forward its called link up play. so to say that a striker shouldnt recieve the ball until hes in the box is retarded. what football have u been watching???? keep your comment 2 yourself idiot

  14. Once again, ridiculously generous scores in places and too harsh in others. Brad looks like he's aged 10 years since xmas. Dawson and Jan were mighty, both having to make up for the horror show that is Naughton. He's so out of his depth positionally.

    I thought Dembele wasn't that bad, Holtby might have had some headless-chicken moments but his tireless motor enabled other, more tired, players to stay where they were. Dempsey scored, but little else. Siggy was probably our best player.

    Adebayor might be an "easy target" but that's because he's utter rubbish. Playing wide when you're the lone striker. Offside when the ball comes to you, not holding it up if you are onside, loads of pointless backheels and the worst penalty I've seen in many years. If AVB took him round the back of Enfield and shot him, I don't think anyone would complain.


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