PLAYER RATINGS: Fiorentina 2-0 Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Hugo Lloris – He was not tested for most of the game. He did not make any errors from Fiorentina’s couple of weak shots. He could have done nothing with the two goals the Italians scored.

Vlad Chiriches – He was the best of the bad bunch as he was not afraid to attack the Fiorentina back line. He did not make important defensive mistakes and ended the match in his natural centre-back position.

Ben Davies – He was sound defensively but Salah’s pace proved too much for him at times. He joined the attacks often and provided width for the team.

Federico Fazio – He was terrible all night long as he made a mess of even simplest balls. He capped off his bad night with an inexplicable giveaway that led to Mario Gomez’s goal.

Jan Vertonghen – The Belgian showed signs of mental and physical fatigue tonight. Salah and Gomez caused problems and he gifted the Egyptian a goal out of nothing.

Benjamin Stambouli– The Frenchman did not make any mistakes but he did not provide anything to note either. A sound performance but left a lot to desire.

Christian Eriksen – His drop of form continued as he couldn’t open the Viola’s defence tonight even though he played in his favourite position. His passes weren’t there and he did not show any creativity. 

Nabil Bentaleb – The Algerian was another player who look fatigued as he started the game well with his usual commanding of the midfield but wore down after the first half.

Nacer Chadli – The Belgian started the game on the left tonight but showed no desire to attack the opposition full back and played too safe in the attacking third.

Erik Lamela – He started really well with some good touches and provided a great through ball to Soldado that should have been the opening goal but he disappeared in the second half as well.

Roberto Soldado – A terrible night for the Spaniard as he wasted one of the easiest chances of his career. He did not help his case at all in the game with bad touches and passes.


Harry Kane – He came on in the 60th minute to score a goal for Spurs but failed to open the opposition defence.

Andros Townsend – He couldn’t replicate his performance in the first leg and did not attack the opposition full-back.

Kyle Walker– He made a cameo appearance.


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  1. A disgrace why is Saldado playinga a dead loss Frazio is a total waste of time cannot run or even pass five yards.
    We are inconsistent and no better under Poch than the lovely TS we are a laughing stock as per usual.
    We are a middle of the table team and no better sadly if Ade cannot get in this side the manager must be clueless,a disgrace

  2. Will someone please explain this to me?

    Yet again, Poch has fielded a weakened team in the EL. Now that we are out, we cannot qualify for the CL by this route, and we have a stiff task in qualifying as Top 4.

    It would appear to me that he has saved his best team for Sunday. If we win on Sunday, apart from the trophy that nobody really takes seriously any more, the real prize is qualifying for next year's EL. If we lose on Sunday, and Cheatski finish in the top 4, we will still qualify for the EL as long as we finish 6th.

    So unless I have misunderstood, it appears to me that Poch has decided he wants to win the Cup, that will get us back into the EL, so that he can field weakened teams again next year, but even if we lose on Sunday, will almost certainly see us playing in the EL anyway next year.

    Please? Can someone tell me I have misunderstood this? Please?

    • Eh because we want to win a trophy!! winning trophys is what the game is all about not qualifying for Europe!!
      You might as well go support Arsenal if all you are interested in is European Qualification!!

      To Dare is To Do and all that!!!

      • It's the "Mickey Mouse" trophy, that is played for amongst mainly reserve teams.

        When you say "we", who exactly do you speak for? Most fans I know would swap FA Cup, League Cup and the EL for a place in the CL. I am not talking about European Qualification, I am talking about CL qualification. If we win on Sunday, we will win a cup nobody cares about anymore, and we will see Poch field more weakened teams in the EL next season.

        To dare is to do? Dare to win the EL and we get CL football. Most fans don't care about trophies anymore. They do care about the CL. And if it is about winning trophies, why does Poch keep fielding weakened teams in the cup comps?

        • I care about trophys and not the CL,but I know I am a small minority.All I ask for is that we "Dare To Do" and last night was poor.Just look at the first goal we gave away.The ball went from the edge of Fiorintinas box to the back of our net because NOT 1 player could take a bit of responsability.NOT 1 player wanted the ball,NOT 1 player wanted to win.

          • The problem is that the CC and FA Cup have become very much second or even third class trophies. The idea that we might attract another Ossie Ardilles because he want's to play at Wembley is nowadays unimaginable.

            I can remember when we had a long spell out of Europe and fans would say, "If only we had European Football, we would be able to attract better players". This is now, "If only we had CL football…" It's good to win a trophy, but is it a coincidence that for the past ten years, the two most successful teams in terms of winning domestic comps also won the CL?

            There is nothing wrong with winning a trophy, but it should be a springboard to better things. If we win on Sunday the biggest prize is a return to the EL where it looks like we will continue to field weakened teams. to me, that seems no different to being promoted to the PL and then deciding to save your best players for the "six-point" relegation battles.

  3. I have been a Spurs supporter from 1961 and is from Iceland. Why on earth are you the English teams taking part in this Europa League You have degraded it and yourselves for many years. and I think Spurs top it all.. You should ask a lease from UEFA from not taking part in it so you can concentrate on the premier league and isolate you from Europe as you had to do many yerars ago.

  4. New manager, same old Spurs.Like the Titanic,Pochettino should have stayed at Southampton.No idea, no plan A, no plan B.Plse stop interviewing him as all he says we must stay focused and that is football.Clueless.

  5. We do not need soldado on spurs bench on sunday we ve seen that he can't offer us anyfin,since he has been at spur he hasnt helped us a bit.pls porchetino yu need to have belief in adebayor jst to c wat he can do as a strker.if we bank on soldado we will b beaten in d final.dis time last year adebayor was our key.pls wake up porchetino its nt good to b in d final and depend on a toothless lion which is soldado.he is too wasteful

  6. Come on guys Spurs were the better team in the first half , believe it or not I think we are making progress.
    Soldado takes his chance and Erickson is awarded the pen with no defensive mistakes we win
    Not playing our best at the moment but you have to have some bad games to have good games, No Tottenham team has dominated a Wenger coached team like they did at the lane, no Tottenham have played Chelski of the park since the Russian bought them. Both these games happened this year (its not even March yet) Lets give the manager time regardless where we finish, one thing that is quite apparent changing the manager with the washing does not breed success , no instant gratification in football unless your bought by a billionaire who wants to spend his dosh, Spurs are attractingg the best youth players in football with there training facility, lets sell some of the shit seven we bought give Poch some time and see where we are at in three years

    • I agree with you that we are improving, but time after time, we see Poch field weakened teams in cup comps. The only time he has fielded full strength teams was in the CC semis against Sheff U.

      As for giving it three years, I don't see that we have that time. I think that most of us fear that three more years without CL football will see the departure of our "crown jewel" players. We can only maintain our current crop of players if we can get CL football. Holtby might be able to replace Eriksen, but who do we have that can replace Loris and Verthongen. I have not included Kane, because he is living his boyhood dream, but we cannot rule out that a talent like his will want to play in the best comp in the world.


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