PLAYER RATINGS: Inter Milan 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

What can you say about that? Spurs were shocking in the first twenty minutes. Then played themselves into a position where they almost looked good and might have achieved a famous win. Then managed to contrive to lose a game against a poor Inter side.

It was a performance that might have pulled them towards the light, to finding confidence and a way of playing again. Instead, who knows? Who knows when they are going to bounce back from this? It’s a low point and it’s not about results, it’s about performances.

Vorm – 3

Difficult perhaps to blame him for either of the goals. He did some routine work efficiently. However, he doesn’t command his area. Pochettino is probably to blame but that playing out from the back crucifies him for me. Playing the ball repeatedly to a man three yards off his goal line next to the corner flag, being pressed. And so slowly. The deeply shocking defensive performance from Spurs in the first half stemmed from this policy. Collectively, they gave the ball away, didn’t look like they knew what to do. They had no confidence whatsoever. They looked shot.

Aurier – 5

(For all defenders, see Vorm comment.)

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I say Aurier was Spursbest defender. He was. He was somewhat above his usual standard but not by much! Everyone else managed to plunge so far. Yes he gave the ball away, didn’t look like he got his positions right but he battled defensively and was an outlet.

Davies – 3

The one thing he was, was reliable. He looked so far from that tonight. Yes, as in the Vorm comment, factors contributed to his terrible performance, but Aurier made him look poor.

Sanchez – 3

Inter pressed hard; he was under unusual pressure. Spurs kept them from scoring or even having a shot for most of the match; and that can’t only have been down to Inter’s lack of competence. But he seemed out of his depth.

Vertonghen 4

This is where I blame the policy. When a defender of this quality is made to look like an absolute clown as he was at times tonight, something is badly wrong. Pochettino is going to take a kicking for leaving Trippier and Alderweireld in London. He is making some obstinately poor decisions. And, for the first time I can remember, I’m going to say Vertonghen was poor.

Dier – 4

All the players achieved some sort of rehabilitation before the collapsed at the end. Yes, the complete klutz that was Dier in the first half improved and he started to look like there was a purpose to his selection. Probably not enough though.

Dembele – 5

Dembele started poorly but did get better.

Lamela – 5

I liked Lamela for being strong and direct. He was capable of running at defenders and laying the ball off for others. He is hungry and direct. He is beginning to do enough to challenge for a place.

Eriksen – 6

Of course, he was anonymous, sloppy, brushed asidefor much of the match. But the thing about players of his class, they have sublime, game changing vision and skill that can win games. His first half ball to Kane was the one piece of skill in a dire / Dier first half. His shot before the goal had venom and it produced the fortunate strikethat might on another day have won such a game.

Son – 5

Likeable, quick, always, always ‘at’ the opposing defenders. If there was going to be a threat in the first half, it might have come from him. I wonder if it’s a problem for us that both Son and Moura might prefer the same position?

Kane – 4

What a piece of skill to collect Eriksen’s pass! And then … Story of where he is at present. It’s a strange missing ingredient when a striker is not on form: efforts that produced goals a few months ago, just don’t quite look like coming off. He worked hard and came into the game in the second half.


Don’t normally comment much on subs. Winks came on and didn’t quite look substantial, for instance around the second goal.

But, Lucas Moura!! Was … immense. He seems to have dribbling skill and power. There was never going to be another Bale game but he looks the only player since that time to have possibly the potential for something like that impact. Certainly compared to his teammates … lost boys that they currently are.

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  1. Yet as Glenn Hoddle said on TV, Moura was at fault for the 2nd goal. He was in the 6 yard box and for some inexplicable reason ran out of it as the ball came back into the 6 yard box! Strange!
    Jenas said it was a mistake to sub Kane because he’s good in the air when defending; we missed him in the 6 yard box for the 2nd goal.

  2. Some harsh ratings on a few. I do agree with the comment about how moronic it was that we insisted on playing it out from the back. There is a time but really Poch has to get a varied approach going it is killing us. What has happened to Ben Davies?? He surprised me last year with how good he was and made me a believer. He has been awful this season. Vertonghen was put in some awfully difficult positions with the ball and thank god we had him because someone of lesser quality would have screwed it up big time. Jan was at worst a 6. Sanchez wasn’t bad, a couple of moments but all in all I thought decent a 6. Dembele was a beast until the last 10 minutes when he was limping after a challenge easily a 7.
    Eriksen watched as Incardi volleyed the ball in the net he scored but also did not defend. Hit the first man with corner kicks 5 of 6 times. One great pass to Harry and a lucky goal saves him from being a 3 again. A passenger without the ball.
    Vorm -5 Poor distribution with the ball but can be faulted for the goals.
    Harry worked hard and was not a 4 . Harry was a 6
    Dier -4
    Winks 4
    Moura 8
    Aurier -6 Can make some nightmare decisions but also can make some game changing interceptions and runs.


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