PLAYER RATINGS: Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

week’s last minute victory against Southampton.

Hugo Lloris – He could do little about Liverpool’s goals as they were mostly his defenders’ mistakes.

Danny Rose – He struggled from the get go by the runs of Sterling and Johnson. He was beaten time and time again and the lack of protection from the midfields made his afternoon even harder.

Jan Vertonghen – Not a good day for the Belgian as he was below average at the start and had to go off in 22nd minute because of an injury.

Younes Kaboul – Had the nightmare start with an own goal, looked to gain his confidence with a good tackle against Suarez. He was good in the air but not as much on the ground.

Kyle Naughton – Like the other defenders, he struggled with Liverpool’s pace and aggression on the attack but he was a bit brighter with his touches and passes.

Aaron Lennon – Terrible game by the winger as he was almost scared of Flanagan. He did not attack the young full back all game and he was ineffective when he cut inside.

Gylfi Sigurdsson – Worked really hard to press the Liverpool players and provided energy at back but he did not have the best touches and passes.

Christian Eriksen – He was really active on the attack and he had good combination plays with Chadli but Gerrard wore him down as the game went on and he lost his efficiency.

Nacer Chadli – Early mistake but he picked himself up with some decent runs and good passing plays.

Nabil Bentaleb – He was mature and intelligent all game as he organized his midfield players, he took couple of shots at goal.

Roberto Soldado – His teammates never got him on the ball and he was frustrated all game long. Never threatened the Liverpool goal.


Michael Dawson – Came on in 22nd minute for injured Jan Vertonghen and he immediately made a horrible mistake to play in Suarez. The Uruguayan punished the mistake.

Andros Townsend – Came on in 60th minute for Lennon and he was also ineffective and did not offer much.

Moussa Dembele – Came on for Bentaleb in the 60th minute but he was mostly a passenger and offered almost nothing.

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  1. Appalling performance by the whole team – I would not rate any of them higher than 30%. The so called defence was atrocious.
    However, the whole team selection and tactics were yet again awful – how can Sherwood pick Bentaleb before Sandro or Paulinio ?

    Sack him now, together with his staff – write off the season.

    More importantly, sack Levy and Baidini – They are the ones that are really responsible.

  2. Sandro or Dembele should have been started in CM with Sigurdsson. Gylfi did well. created 3 chances. Good through balls for Eriksen and Chadli, but they were not able to score. We were let down by our defense today.
    Kaboul unlucky with OG, but that was terrible for the team. To be under in 2nd minute.

    Sunderland next weekend. 3 points. COYS!!

  3. Now will all you so called football supporters realise that the club we love are a laughing stock they are pathetic the two full backs are the worst in the league the two or three central defenders are rubbish at organising anyone around them the midfield play at a pace that is to slow for conference standard our wingers are clueless and poor old sold ado must wonder what he as let himself in for he has had about ten chances created all season.but the biggest problem is our chairmen he has appointed muppet after muppet to manage this great club.we have one last chance to get it right this summer or we will have another fifty years of shit.we must wake up. How have we got fifty six points we are shit.

  4. How on earth can you give Naughton 60% rating, he should never wear a Spurs shirt again, he is absolutely useless as is Dawson.

  5. The best solution for Mr.Levy is simple: retain Lloris & Erikson, Sandro and Paulinho and SACK the rest! First to be sacked must be TS! The players think they found Disneyland – Fantasyland! Are they getting paid for this disgrace? Benteleb cannot make any play at all, he creates nothing, he just gets rid of the ball! We are the laughing stock of the football world! NO PRIDE, NOT A CARE, NO HEART, NO SHOW!

    How on planet earth can you play Dawson, Kaboul and Rose? Have some pride boys just quit NOW!

    What a nightmare!

  6. seriously. This has been catastrofic desitionmaking from A to …hell.. and back again. Caulker sold. Whyyyyy? BAE out on loan. Trouble all season, so much that Verts probably has 10-12 games there on left. Madness. Sherwood out in the media with all sort of rubbish -“Levy is quiet. dont know if I got the job permanently… the players dont have passion… I cant trust some of them blabla… players should be ashamed…”
    Things like that.
    Easy to see that he has lost his players respect totally. Get this guy out fast! They don’t train either I presume. not on any particular anyway. lost chickens they are. embarrassing.

    • They had a full week to prepare for that match. A WHOLE F***ING WEEK! And this is what we get? I've always thought the Europa Cup excuse was a poor one and Sunday proved my point. Chelski were able to win the cup and still qualify for this season's CL, long after we'd been knocked out, and we still failed to qualify for the Champions League. If we can't compete in Europe in midweek and perform in the league on a Sunday, what makes anyone think we'll do any better if we got into to CL?

  7. How can you post Demble offered nothing and that no mark Betaleb praise, your as deluded as Sherwood who plays the useless kid every week someone all of Europe turned down and could not get a looking at Birmingham.
    Starting that Central pairing boarders on criminal and shows why Tim should be kicked out of WHL ASAP and he can take his Algerian prodigy with him worse manager ever to hold that position at Spurs an absolute con man

  8. I do think its time the real Spurs fans did something about what is happening at our club. Get D Levy out now. He is the only man responsible for this mess. He is the man that has made the managerial choices. He is the man that sacks good managers. He is the man that has employed Franco Baldini. He is the man that sells our world class players. He is the man that allows Arron Lennon, D Rose, Bentaleb, K Naughton, A Townsend to wear Our clubs shirt and pay them for doing so while we the real fans spend our hard earned money to be humiliated week in week out. If we withdraw our ticket money I believe that is the only way to let Mr Levy see we refuse to be laughed at anymore. We all know its a money game for him.


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