PLAYER RATINGS: Manchester City 4-1 Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It was four. It should have been eight. We were humiliated. Granted, this was the best team the Prem has ever seen. But it was also evidence we have been going backwards in recent weeks, getting increasingly laborious and not even pressing as we once did. It was an embarrassing object lesson in how to play the way we thought we could play ourselves.

There’s a difficulty with giving player ratings when your team is thoroughly outclassed. Is it really their fault when they struggle to make an impact on the game? Isn’t it just the superiority of better players imposing themselves and our team doing everything they can considering the gulf in class?

City pressed our players ferociously all over the pitch and drove our possession back to within twenty yards of our own goal. When they won the ball they transitioned so rapidly into attack we struggled to keep up. The speed of thought on the part of the man with the ball and fluidity of movement by his team mates fully exposed everything we’ve been concerned about in recent weeks with how ponderous and static Spurs have been.

Lloris – 6

A couple of players looked like they might grace a better team. Lloris made some spectacular saves. A member of the party who kept playing keep ball in their own box but he showed he had some class in shot stopping.

Trippier – 2

Particularly in the first half but he was shocking. OK he was trying to face up Sané but out of position, dribbled past as if he wasn’t there, couldn’t control the ball. A shocker.

Rose – 6

Rose was a bright spark on an otherwise deeply depressing day. He could have given away two pens but he looked more like the old Rose, throwing his body in front of driven balls and getting up the pitch in ways Trippier never looked like doing.

Dier – 4

Maybe his clown-like contribution for the final goal was down to tired legs but too often he appeared an observer when Vertonghen was putting his body on the line for the cause.

Vertonghen – 5

Gave away an unconverted pen but put himself on the line time and time again. Not well enough supported.

Winks – 5

Never stopped trying. Was too honest to get us a pen. Honesty runs through him like the theme through a stick of rock.

Dembele – 4

I’m getting tired of his petulant handballs, arms round the throats of opposition players. (I think back to his role in the chaos at Chelsea.) He is the senior pro; he should set the tone.

Eriksen – 5

Largely, a peripheral figure. Did create chances and scored a sweet goal. Am I wrong to expect more from him?

Dele – 4

Looked a forlorn, petulant figure. Overrun. Unable to impose himself at all.

Son – 5

Tried hard. Didn’t look threatening.

Kane – 6

Also looked like he might grace a better side. Got some shots away.


To be honest, I can’t be bothered to appraise their contributions. All right: Lamela got about the pitch and Sissoko got a yellow card. I’m too depressed to carry on….



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  1. Lloris getting a 6, he can’t even kick a ball, his distribution is school boy level, as for Dier and Trippier they should be dropped to the reserves and bring in a couple of the kids, they can’t do any worse than that. :-)

  2. Sale Alli, Dier (who is an average midfielder but terrible defender) & rose for as much as possible, bring in zaha, shaw & another defender.

  3. I am going to have to give Poch a 2 as a manager today. It was always obvious to me and others that Trippier for no fauly of his own would not be able to handle Sane. And if Poch thought he could , he must have refused to admit what he watching. Trippier had to be replaced at the 8 minute mark of the game harsh or not. Harry Winks was so out of his depth he made Dembele almost look bad. The Moose was trying to do two jobs and it is hard enough against Debruynne and gang. Aurier should have started anyways. This constant absolute madness of backwards passing hemming us in our own end is beyond logic. Especisally when LLoris cannot kick a ball. Why has this continued?? Poch?? it allows the opposition to just press further forward. Physically we were over run and was a particularly bad time to have Sanchez suspended. At least Dier could have partnered Mosse in the middle and we ould have not been taken over. A lot of people will disagree with this statement but for me I wanted Sissoko to start with Dembele. Winks just isnt physically ready yet. Erikssen and Trippier on he same side Poch?? Really ?? And we wondered why they jsu continued to go down the left and were killing us. I thought Rose was ok and I thought verthongen was excellent.

    LLoris -3


    Dier -4









    • Spot on. Your marks are spot on. Ive said for weeks that it is completely wrong that there are now players in this team that appear to have become 'undropable'. Lloris is living off past reputation. He should take lessons on distribution from Paul Robinson or even watch yesterdays match and study Citys keeper in the art of taking 8 opposition players out of the game with one pass ! We cannot score by playing tiptap in our own box !!! Gazzaniga won us the game v Palace and should have been retained. Trippier shouldn't have been within 200 mile of Manchester yesterday. Looks like a ballboy in swimming trunks treading water. Alli or Dele is actually playing now as if he doesn't know who he is and should have been dropped weeks ago. And young Winks looked yesterday exactly what he is, a young inexperienced player well out of his depth. So isn't it about time the manager looked at himself ? I was never convinced when we appointed him. Couldn't understand it. Here we were looking for a manager to take us further and we appoint the chap who had just finished 8th in the table 12 pts below us and with no track record. In 2 years he has become some sort of messiah by improving us, but still not having won anything and has the audacity to launch a book midway through a season revealing all that went on the previous season whilst still trying to retain the respect of those same players he has written about. I cant think of any other Spurs manager doing that, not even those who actually won something in the 1 year they were with us, yes, messrs Graham and Ramos. Mourinho took over a mess at Utd and in his 2nd term won 2 trophies whilst we were still crowing over 'long term project' or 'work in progress' Makes me sick. I saw my first game in April 1962 v Benfica, have seen it all at the club and Im afraid this bunch, for all the enjoyment they gave us last season, really aren't good enough to lace the majority of past players and managers , boots.

  4. I think if we had Toby + Davidson + Victor on the pitch this would have held up city and let players like son dele Ericsson go foward much more . But I know nothing about football


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