Player Ratings: Spurs 0-1 Fulham


Hopeless. Absolutely hopeless. Where is the desire? Where is the creativity? Where are the goals? Is this the start of a collapse? I hope not. But we need to turn this patch of form around. Fulham outplayed us, at home, and we hardly even looked like scoring. Unbelievably poor.

Hugo Lloris – 6 – hardly had a thing to do. Couldn’t really have done much for their goal.

Kyle Naughton – 5 – contributed very little going forward – the other Kyle is better at that. Defensively solid but had absolutely nothing to do.

Michael Dawson – 6 – didn’t do anything wrong: in the first half Fulham didn’t pose any sort of attacking threat and then he was hauled off for Dempsey at half time.

Steven Caulker – 5 – not sure about his positioning for the Fulham goal, didn’t show any attacking threat…not the greatest performance.

Jan Vertonghen – 6 – looked mildly threatening on the left flank in the first half, but caught out of position in the second half for the Fulham goal.

Scott Parker – 4 – I’m sorry to say it, but this man is past it. He shouldn’t be in the Spurs team anymore. Tom Carroll did more when he came on than Parker has done in the last three months.

Mousa Dembele – 5 – can’t really describe him as bad, but then can’t really describe him as good. His job is to create, and keep a tempo up; he did neither of those things.

Gylfi Sigurdsson – 5 – not given enough of the ball, so couldn’t really do anything with it. Should have done better with a first half shot. Subbed off for Defoe so we can go to our famously successful 4-4-2.

Benoit Assou-Ekotto – 4 – hopeless on the left wing, still hopeless when he reverted to his favoured left back slot. Didn’t hit a good cross in the 90 minutes.

Gareth Bale – 4 – did absolutely nothing. Picked up a knock at the end of the first half and seemed to be carrying that through the whole of the second half. Not involved in the game.

Emmanuel Adebayor – 4 – showed a bit more energy and enthusiasm but simply posed no goalscoring threat. I think he and Defoe are having a competition to see who can not get picked.


Clint Dempsey – 5 – looked to get himself involved in the game, but, in all truth, failed. He and Bale needed to link up more; staying on opposite flanks for the whole second half was a poor idea.

Jermain Defoe – 4 – missed two glorious chances to equalise. Desperately needs a goal for confidence: at least he looks like he has more of a threat than Adebayor.

Tom Carroll – 7 – the one bright spark in a terrible game. This boy could be something special in the future; he needs to start ahead of Parker for the rest of the season.

It’s hard to tell what went wrong. Was it AVB’s tactics, was it the effects of Thursday night or was it the personnel themselves? Fortunately, Spurs now have a two week break before their next fixture, and they will be able to regroup and recover. We’re still top 4, 4 points ahead of Arsenal, and we can still finish top 4. Trust AVB.

By Alex Beck

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  1. I found today's tie completely disheartening!!! If they can't get up for a home match with the UCL waiting in the wings I don't know what will make them play? I know it is a long season and players get tired but it is time to suck it up! Where do they go from here? Nothing from Defoe or adebayor in forever. Why do we not have cover for Lennon?

    I trust in AVB but I don't think he has the team this year :(

  2. been a spurs fan fore best part of 60 yrs great teem in the early 60 ts gone down hill since once called fancy dans and aint that true we spent yrs donating points to the bottom teems we dont change

  3. So pleased you said it about Scott Parker. He is terrible. We need Sandro back desperately.

    You could see how bad we were today when you are relying on Parker to create chances.

    I was actually hoping he would be too tired to play today and give Livermore a chance, and that’s saying something!

    • I've said it too many times b4 but others said Scotty deserves respect 4 the ' dirty ' job he has to do. Many said he is under-rated. To me he is over-rated. Was he not named as the best England international of the yr just a few months ago ? Our Spurs won the last 2 games last season when Parker did not play. He was of course the main man for Harry when the collapse happened. Just think about it !

  4. Same old same old, travelling the same path as in the last few years. Massive potential and expectation, but then we fall flat on our faces. Same old same old levy, and company I might add. Where's the goal scorer we so desperately need. It's now a recognised fact we have the worst strikers in the premiership. Defoe a total waste of time, a selfish midget , adebeyor runs around the pitch like he's on drugs,or was the night before and for breakfast , be great if his next trip was out of the lane. What a terrible goal difference we have for a so called top four side. We probably have the most creative defence and midfield in the premiership but no striker to take the opportunities they create. God knows how many windows have past, when every spurs supporter knows, we have been and are in desperate need of a class striker. Levi's posturing at the end of a window, which we all no now, is nothing but that, as become an embarrassment, and like fools have suffered it, just because he loves to balance the books. From the start to the end of a window, he has no intention of spending money to improve the team, only to sell or loan to improve the bank balance . When are the spurs supporters going to wake up to levy's antics, he's got away with his cheating the fans far too long.

  5. Another inept performance with (as indicated here) Tom carroll as the brightest light by a considerable margin. There were just so many who failed to turn up. What's with Benny these days ? He seems to have lost it completely. JD just isn't the same player since his injury and Ade is beyond belief. Dempsey looked like a fish out of water, this certainly wasn't the bloke who was performing so well for Fulham last season. Hugo, Jan & Michael performed ok, and the rest were a mix of ordinary & dire. We seemed bereft of ideas in attack, the main aim seemed to be to belt it hard & high into Fulham's penalty area for Hangeland to head away, and only when we tried to get down the flanks and cut in did we look a bit more threatening. AVB needs to sort things out quick else this will be another season where the goons laugh at our downfall.

  6. At least we are not floundering in the bottom half. That may come later. We indeed need a quality striker. Bale is a winger at best and Dempsey needs to play behind a quality striker that will share the ball with him. Defoe is a selfish non factor on this team. He squanders more chances than any little man I have ever seen and he cannot hold the ball against strong defenders at all. He reminds me of Andy Johnson in his waining days when he left Everton. There really is a lack of team work on this squad.

  7. BAE should never play again. He looks so lacklustre in every respect. No energy going forward, slow getting back on the goal. He didn't create a bloody thing and I don't remember seeing him make a run at anyone. He was the worst on the pitch in my opinion.
    This game was really disheartening overall. Would really like to see Holtby and Carroll get a lot more game time. Energy and pace is what is needed for our anemic offence at the moment. Not the ridiculous speculative shots of Dempsey from 30m out right into Scott Parkers arse.
    I'm a huge Villas-Boas supporter, but I think his squad was questionable against Fulham.


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