PLAYER RATINGS: Tottenham 4-0 Everton

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

A terrific performance that established Kane as Spurs’ top scorer in the Premiership – though he wasn’t the only star in the firmament: that was our very own … Son.

Spurs were at it from the off (so different from how they often are): energetic, progressive, quick moving, exciting.

They humiliated Everton who are supposed to be a proper club. What their supporters must think of Allardyce’s lack of ambition. To be fair to him he did one decent thing which was bring on Lennon. Lennon has talked about his troubles and it was great to give him a standing ovation.

It was inevitable Everton would come and sit. Spurs have struggled unlocking this in the past. They’d been working on their plans, credit to Poch. I can’t begin to work out what they did in training this week … but it looks like the business.

Lloris – 6

A confident presence. And they’re working on the distribution …

Vertonghen – 6

Played well. Goes down when he’s fouled – fair enough, especially when it gets Rooney a booking. Worrying sense at times that he goes down to get a foul when under pressure. I’m sure that can’t be the case.

Sanchez – 6

Played well. Put most under pressure by drilled passes from his own keeper.

Davies – 7

Such a … likeable performance. He works tirelessly for the team: courageous tackles, endless running in support of the attack.

Aurier – 7

He still makes mistakes but fewer. He was a constant outlet on his flank as the game wore on. He has that athleticism: quick to get back into position, aggressive in the tackle and quick and direct in attack, even explosive, as he was providing the assist for the first goal. He is the man for anyone pining for last season’s Walker / Rose combo.

Dembele – 9

OK, I’ve been guilty of questioning the value of retaining one of my favourite players. Would he ever be fit? Has he ever truly delivered end product? Was he increasingly getting lost in battling past an opponent without lifting his head to see the big picture. Today, I was delighted to be proved wrong. He looked like Moussa of old. Their new centre forward wasn’t the only one left in a heap because he happened to run into The Moose. So powerful. Dominated the midfield and was progressive, moving the ball on quickly and into threatening areas.

Dier – 6

There’s a lot to be said for people who keep it simple – so … he keeps it simple. Also, a couple of excellent tackles and an assist. Some misplaced balls and the nagging question: does he do enough beyond keeping things ticking over to justify his place? Alongside Dembele or set against Wanyama, is it enough?

Son – 9

The brightest – just won’t let go of the heavenly bodies theme! – player on the pitch. He terrorised his marker, desperately pedalling backwards into his own penalty area mesmerised by the twinkling – keeping it going! – feet. The speed with which he got his body shape right for the goal. The speed of his break to provide the assist for Harry’s first goal. He was the difference, as he’s been on an increasing number of occasions this year. He coulda/shoulda had more.

Dele – 8

Seemed to enjoy this game so much more than some others. He does get fouled a lot, tribute to his determination to commit defenders, but he moved on early from looking for free kicks and grumbling when they didn’t come. Gave a fine display of his passing range and looked dangerous. Had one of those periods in the second half when everything he tried came off … almost but not quite … including a couple of real chances. His assist in Tottenham’s exquisite, champagne bursting final goal was sublime.

Eriksen – 8

It’s always a good sign when Eriksen looks to be on the ball and does what he should – bosses the game. Some sublime touches for his passing. Very good to see.

Kane – 8

Wasn’t his greatest game but he scored two tap ins and became the leading Spurs Prem scorer. What a great striker, toppling record after record, getting goals in batches rather than in splendid isolation between long scoreless runs, like generally pretty good strikers.


Wanyama such a mobile and powerful presence. Lamela looked strong. At one point Sissoko broke through the centre of midfield like he was starring in a rerun of the last World Cup … sadly fluffed his lines again.

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  1. I agree with most of your ratings and mus say well done for noticing that Dembele was an absolute beast today. He was fast strong and went forward. gave the ball away I saw just once and completely dominated the midfield. A masterful display. I just read another article where he got a six ?? Good for you we both know he was awesome today and if he can stay healthy is an absolute key to Spurs success against the Big Clubs and Champions League.

    Dembele was a 9


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