PLAYER RATINGS: Tottenham Hotspur 4-3 Leicester City

Image: SpursWeb

Hugo Lloris – The Frenchman got injured off Kyle Walker’s challenge really early in the game and was stretchered off.

Eric Dier – The young centre-back was not convincing at all today as he was bullied by the Leicester attackers in the air and by the opposition defenders in set plays. He shared the blame for all 3 Leicester goals. He should have got an assist but Chadli put his great cross over the bar.

Danny Rose – He made some well-timed tackles and interceptions that saved his team but he looked vulnerable all game long. Every time he pushed forward, he left acres of space behind that Nugent took advantage of and he gave away cheap free kicks later in the game. He did well to earn the penalty that was tucked in by Kane.

Jan Vertonghen – The Belgian looks further away from his 2012 self with every game as he was embarrassed by measly Leicester attackers today. He lost his man in every set piece and made judgement errors that led to Leicester chances. He capped off a miserable game with an embarrassing header attempt that led to the Nugent’s goal.

Kyle Walker – He shared the worst defender of the day award with Vertonghen as he had a nightmare of a game himself. He started his game by injuring arguably the most important player of his team. He was caught out of position countless times and looked nervous and vulnerable in the 90 minutes. His one contribution to the game was the cross that led to Kane’s second goal.

Nabil Bentaleb – He was his usual self as he provided energy, drive and tenaciousness in the midfield. However, he had errors that caused problems for his defence and he was at fault for Morgan’s equaliser.

Christian Eriksen – He was one of the rare bright actors for Spurs today as he caused problems for Leicester defence every time he touched the ball. He looked for the right pass when he was on the ball but there wasn’t enough movement from the wingers. His brilliant run and great shot ended up hitting the post.

Ryan Mason – He played a lot better than he did last week but he still left a lot to desire. He made some tackles in the middle of the park to get him going but he never got into the game. His passing was decent enough but his team needed more of him going forward.

Nacer Chadli – The worst player on the pitch for the second game running as he missed two sitters that would have put away the game. He did not put a foot right in the game as he was easily pushed off the ball and he could put a single cross in the box.

Andros Townsend – The English winger did not prove Roy Hodgson right as he had a forgettable game today. He was quiet in the time he was on the pitch and his only contributions were couple of fancy flicks and the pass to Walker that led to Kane’s second goal.

Harry Kane – He was always at the right place at the right time as he scored two poacher’s goals in the first half and tucked away a penalty in the second that completed his hat-trick. He did much more than scoring as he was the focal point of his team’s attacks with his hold-up and link-up play.



Michel Vorm – He had a tidy game after replacing Lloris early on even though he conceded three goals. He was commending in his box and made some decent saves to deny Leicester.

Paulinho– He helped his team tidy up in the midfield and provided a lot of energy. His pass to Eriksen led to Schlupp’s own goal late on.

Mousa Dembele – He made a late introduction to see the game off and he provided strength and composure in the midfield.

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  1. maybe its just me but we miss a player like Sandro, a player to guard the back four and protect the midfield, someone that can make a tackle and move the ball out quickly. Mason is just not good enough, love his energy but too many bad passes and just not enough talent to go with the heart. Bentaleb does well moving forward, but defensively he is poor. Until we toughen up the midfield and put some muscle in, we will continue to be caught out on defense. From a defensive point of view, the players just aren't good enough and we need some new signings.

    • Although this is true, Bentaleb and Mason are both over-rated and over-played, Spurs have a bigger issue in the back line. Our defence line is terrible. Rose and Walker are constantly giving the ball away, or being beaten. Every single one of our central defenders are just unaware of how to defend against long balls and through balls. It's a tactic every team uses against us time and time again.

      I think considering the team we have, Spurs are yet again punching above their weight and doing better than can be expected. The fact we still carry players like Lamela, Townsend, Soldado, Adebayor, Chirches, Kaboul, Fazio, Stambouli and Lennon is embarrassing how much money is being wasted there.

      The worst part is, if you look through our entire first team, try and find a single black player who is actually good. You wont! because all of our black footballers are crap, and lazy, and let the team down.

      • Mason and bentaleb are currently providing the strongest position in our team. Saying they are overplayed is daft- earlier in the season they interchanging with our other DMs. Also are you really ignorant enough to comment on th colour of our players skin? Really? It’s 2015 you dickhead, not only is that wholly unacceptable, it’s truly disgusting. If colour of skin is something you observe as something to comment on, you’re really a very dumb individual. Evidenced in your point about Lennon still playing us… You realise he’s at Everton on loan right? I hope you are truly miserable person

        • Well said, but as much as Mason and Bentaleb have been bright sparks over others like Capoue, Paulinho and Dembele when he's off his game, they aren't two players that will take us higher. Not at their age and strength now. They aren't helpful with the defence and as much much as I love the heart and energy of Mason he hasn't been in strong form lately. I've always been 50/50 with Bentaleb and well it wasn't his day this week. Unofrtunately, there isn't a whole lot better than those two right now aside from Dembele and maybe Capoue if he does his job for the first time this season.

          As for the racist comments from "SoTrue", well mate you really are a plastic fan. Go and support the Rent Boys. You would fit in quite nicely.

  2. I used to quite like Chadli, but the more this season has gone on the worse he plays. I said a few weeks back that he doesn't look like he has a good game in him and I still stick with that. Would be happy not to see him play again this season.

  3. Eric Dier. Should be spelt Dire. He absolutely stinks!
    Never a pen and an o.g.
    Once again we've stolen the points. How many's that this season 18pts?
    Am not convinced by Poch, sorry. We are in a false position and need to invest heavily in the summer!

  4. Unfair criticism of Rose. His remit is to go up-field and provide an overlap. When the wing-back goes upfield it's the job of the DMs to cover – he can't be in two places at once. He provided an attacking threat and made some good defensive tackles.

  5. Agree totally with Shed. The writer’s comment re Bentaleb’s “energy, drive and tenaciousness” has me stunned. From the first few minutes, he set the benchmark for back and sideways passes which put immense pressure on keeper and centrebacks who were instantly pressed by an energetic opposition.

  6. Probably shouldn't be expecting such a high return for a first season. Gotta look at all the good things that's happened:

    1. Cup final (yes we lost but better than all the other teams in the cup)
    2. Youth squad is developing – the proof in Dier, Mason, Bentaleb etc. how have a lot to learn and are learning.
    3. Loyal players – Recent snubs by Eriksen, Lloris and Kane to leave the club.
    4. Fantastic results e.g. Chelsea 5-3
    5. New system and tactics are working – high pressing and energy is giving us better football even when we had Bale, VDV and Modric.

    Not looking too shaby is it? COYS.

  7. we play too 'reactive'. I.e react to a situation once its happened. Its why so many players are out of position.. like under Harry. Prevention always better than cure cos your luck runs out eventually. Truth is we just dont sense danger or have a gameplan. If we got the bloody ball forward quicker instead of so many crab an rugby passes..i.e side an back-maybe we can release pressure at the back and stop inviting teams onto us. I like Poch but im suprised at his Technical naivety. Lets be honest 3 players carry us an Eriken is either shocking or brilliant so 2 consistent perfomers. Imagine us without Harry or Lloris …dont bear thinking about.


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