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Cudicini (8) – A harsh man might criticise his parry that led to Gardner’s goal but I thought he generally coped well with the mayhem in front of him. 

Corluka (6) – Lovely header for his goal. Exposed on the turn. One of three players who let runner go for second goal

Assou-Ekotto (6) – Not his normal assured self. Arseing about for Davies’ goal.

Bassong (6) – He doesn’t like playing against these big lads.

Huddlestone (6) – He’s not a centre half no matter what Harry says. Seems to be learning positioning on the job.

Jenas (6) – Found lots of space occasionally and looked assured but too casual in possession in second half

Palacios (7) – Lots of battles with the Bolton midfield. Would’ve been completely overrun without him. Ball watching for second goal.

Lennon (6) – A couple of half decent runs but rarely dangerous. Not much decent service. Ball watcher number three for Davies goal

Kranjcar (7) – Generally quality when on the ball. Very good free-kicks and corners and took his goal beautifully. Could’ve helped out Assou-Ekotto more.

Keane (5) – Invisible mostly.

Crouch (6) – Good knockdown for Kranjcar goal, could’ve done better himself near goal later in the game.

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  1. I think it was a lack-lustre performance on the part of Spurs. Most of the players played below par. Defence was weak as usual and goal keeping could have been better. I think we are lucky to have picked a point from this match. If we cannot beat a team like Bolton, then we will have to struggle all the way to finish among the top five.

  2. John Adam .HI warned this blog last night and others about the Boltons of this league in the words of there manager we play with a high tempo like liverpool and we have a good fitness conditioner guy who has the team very fit .TOTAL BOLLOCKS . Lets look at Kevin Davies 6ft 1 14-5 stone a rugby league build with loads of stamina Gardner no matter how long he is out injured or how old he becomes he goes faster .its not conditoner that makes wigan beat chelsea or sunderlan draw with UTD or Bolton run Spurs ragged in the first half but the answer is more nearer PADDY KENNYS coough mixture AND Megson and talk sport no this but the FA have told them to ignore it or keep quite if anyone fails a test. This word is being mentioned in all these games with head scratching results then when these teams play the following week they get beat wigan .A PLAYER FROM MY LOCAL CLUB THAT A COMMENTATOR SAID HAS A GREAT STAMINA AND ENERGY HAS FAILED A DRUGS TEST AND BANNED FOR 3MONTHS .ENOUGH SAID

  3. What on earth were the tactics? No wing play on either side in the first half, no Dawson in defence when Bolton are known to favour the high ball to Davies game, continual long goal kicks when only Crouch is big enough to beat the Bolton players in the air!
    Redknapp may be a motivator but … And what about changes? We need Huddlestone in midfield as our quarterback, not Jenas – he was total rubbish whenever he had the ball. Keane off was a good move, but no fresh legs afterwards? That was the worst display of the season.

  4. How in the world can you give 8 ponts to Cudicini? He is the worst goalkeeper in the premiership. He could not cope with the shot that led to the first goal and was misplaced with the second. His presence spreads insecurity to the defence. And what is Jenas doing in the team? And Keane? One game (against a very poor Burnley) does not make him a good player. Clearly past his best.

  5. Trond – I have no idea what team you watch, and whether you actually do watch week in week out because, Cudicini is certainly not the worst keeper in the league. You say he could not cope with the shot that led to the first goal, that is very incorrect. Cudicini parried the first shot, as there was nothing else you could do, you cannot catch a powerful shot like that and unfortunately the parry went into a Bolton player, if it were a Spurs player we would all be shouting his praise. The second goal was not his fault either his positioning was fine, but it was BAE who was ball watching and the build up was defenses fault as they were flat footed and didn’t expect what was going to happen next.

  6. Agree that Cudicini’s not the worst keeper in the premiership, and i was a big fan when he joined. Last few weeks though he’s been making mistakes. First goal he did ok, but the second he turns around, away from the ball!! As a keeper you’re always told to face the ball and use ‘little feet’ to run backwards. You’ll see them all practicing this footwork before games. if he does this, he can get a touch. Gomes is taller, braver and technically superior to Cudicini at the moment. With our defence stretched at the moment, we need our best keeper!

  7. Agree with trond. Cudicini is atrocious, the sooner Gomes starts, the better. Who’d have thought this time last season that I’d be saying that?

  8. A good goalkeeper must always parry sideways and never in front of him into the running path of an opponent. Secondly, had Cudicini positioned himself properly he would have been able to punch the ball away before it reached Davies’ head for that second goal. I am sorry but I was disappointed with his performance in that match. We must keep clean sheets if we want to move on successfully and finish among the top five. We also tend to give away too many set pieces from unnecessary fouling. Palacios, good as he is, tends to foul much too often for my liking.

  9. Would’ve personally gone for Dawson at centre half, would’ve coped better with Davies, BAE needed to be much braver for Davies’ goal and get his head to the ball to knock it out of play.
    Bolton was always going to be a difficilt game, they’re physical and know that we always try to play football. A point there isn’t a bad result as others seemed to go our way this weekend.
    Would love to see Gomes back between the sticks

  10. All are very good comments and hi think Harry is otherwise engaged in his head with these rumours well it dident come from me .Megsom must have thought it was is birthday wen he seen the team sheet .Lets iron out some facts Gomes was outsanding at preston and every fan thought wow he is back he did kick the odd stupid ball out but he normaly throws the ball.But god help us cudicini is up there with walker sullivan and poor robbo in shot stoppers only and with this lighter ball are no good because they could catch the ball when it was heavy and if you dont divert it away from goal with strong wrist you will leak goals when gomes handed the gloves to cudicini he had one penalty is fault he would admit and we conceded a free kick hull and he has gifted more since these shots hi belive Gomes would have saved .west ham his long arms would have tipped that over the free kick giggs andersons birminghams boltons two and ballacks and drogbas .Any defence would be shakey with cudicini in goals .Poor Tom Hudds Bassong corluka and Ekotto are not playing at the top of there game DAWSON should have partnered bassong in the second half and hudds moved to the middle JENAS should have gone of and bale come on or he could have taken Ekotto of he never got over half way.This should be a wake up call we cant take a weak defence away from home and expect to win .This team would have won GOMES CORLUKA DAWSON HUDDLESTONE BASSONG LENNON PALACIOS KRANJCAR KEANE DEFOE CROUCH .Movement and height and yes three upfront would work just because it dident against utd the goaly messed that up and theres saved them.So come on HARRY we have the strongest bench thts never used except in the cup games .COYS

  11. Hey Spurs-webmasters,

    I see you already have a ‘spell-check’, but is there any chance of integrating a ‘grammar-check’ into these forums?

    The total lack of any punctuation that occurs in about 30% of the comments is doing my head in!!!!

    If this goes on I’m going to have to have to hire a tutor to visit WHL on matchdays in order to give compulsory post-match English lessons!

    Fellow spurs fans, you have been warned!


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