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Gomes (8) – Not a whole lot to do until late on but nerveless and solid throughout nevertheless. Gets an extra point for some great throw outs in the second half.

Corluka (7) – Had 32 million quid in his back pocket all night.

Dawson (9) – Superb all night. Leadership by example.

Bassong (7) – Another determined, composed & promising performance. 

Assou-Ekotto (7) – A welcome return to form. One lovely piece of skill to outwit Adebayor in the first half.

Palacios (6) – Dynamic running and tackling as usual but distribution let him down. Booking puts him on four for the season (along with Jenas and Huddlestone incidentally).

Huddlestone (7) – Started the game looking like he was in the middle of a whirlwind but improved as he and Wilson earned space.

Lennon (8) – A bit subdued in the second half but all over Silvinho in the first causing much mayhem.

Kranjcar (9) – We’re becoming familiar with his great touch and skill. Seemed to pop everywhere, two neat finishes.

Defoe (7) – Superb finish for goal. A bit too desperate to shoot sometimes when a layoff might’ve been better.

Crouch (7) – Directly involved in two goals and caused problems all night. More composure in the last fifteen minutes might’ve brought us more goals though.


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  1. I would have to disagree with the Crouch and BAE rating. First, I think BAE deserves an 8. Every time he received the ball in the backfield, he neatly pushed the ball forward despite the pressure. That has to be one of his best games.
    And for Crouch, even though he did have a few lay offs with his head that were nice, every time the ball fell to his feet it seemed to trip him up. Some of the worst ball handling I have seen in a while.
    BAE 8
    Crouch 6
    Thank you

  2. Don’t know how you rate the HUD higher than Wilson. HUD was off the pace all night. Wilson was everywhere snapping at their heels. Open your eyes.

  3. Both centre mids were off the boil last night .every time Wilson got the ball he gave it away he’s not comfortable on the ball niko and benny were immense on the left Dawson was our rock

  4. How the hell can Huddlestone get a better rating then Palacios???

    Must be a wind up? This guy is consistently bad and often we look like we are always playing with 10 men! Wilson does so much work to cover for this lazy lump of a fairy! He doesnt tackle, he doesnt score that many, he doesnt open up play, he has no pace, he often looses the ball or misplaces a pass… so can someone tell me what he adds to this team??? Next time you guys go to a game, look at what he does for 90 min and you will know what i mean….


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