Players should be stronger – Redknapp


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp has blasted the role of agents and the influence they have on players.

The Spurs boss singled out the representative of Stoke goalkeeper Asmir Begovic, who asked to be left out of his club’s midweek Carling Cup tie with Shrewsbury amid reported interest in him from Chelsea.

“How can you have an agent telling a player not to play?” Redknapp said.

“You see that situation this week: a young kid who’s done nothing in the game. Suddenly, his agent’s wanting him to move so he can make a good move for him and everybody, and it’s wrong, it’s wrong.

“Players should be stronger anyway. They should stick up for themselves and say, ‘You don’t run my life; I’m a footballer; I want to play’.”

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  1. players who refuse to play for their clubs should be sued for breach of contract and given a season long ban by fifa.
    Enough of this crap we have seen it from Berbatov, Mashcerano and others, now Begovic?(who?). Acontract is a contract if you refuse to play you are in breach and should be sanctioned.

  2. thats where the 12 month ban comes in, It will discourage the brats from pulling this crap if they know they wont play or be paid for the season.

  3. Theres a lot of subversive goings on in football regarding players and their contracts. I do agree there should be a pay cut inflicted upon players who disturb the running of a team. But an entire season is a bit harsh, and there are a lot of occassions where a player transfers and is treated poorly.
    Players are basically employees these days.

  4. I think there should be a pay cut imposed on all players full stop!!!
    Clubs are struggling to pay these wages so why is it allowed to happen, its ridiculous!!
    Ticket prices should be lowered and wages based on a percentage of club turnover (a percentage below 50%)
    Thes antics wouldn't occur as often and players couldn't just jump ship to Man City for silly wages cos Rich owner or not their turnover is their turnover.

    • Well that's Platini's plan for the Champion's League. I think these laws are due to be indroduced within the next 2-3 years and wages will have to be less than 55% of turnover.

      If that law had been applied this season then we could have presumably finished 17th and still qualified along with Arsenal, Man U and maybe Liverpool (I couldn't find their figures). I found a list of wages v turnover here (unfortunately it's from 2008 but it gives a good idea):

      If Man City qualify for the Champions League and then get thrown out, I won't be able to stop laughing for the entire season. So if Levy keeps his hand in his pocket then it's probably because he, unlike the dufus Sheikhs and his Gary Mook, know what's around the corner.


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