“Please drop Dier” – Some Spurs fans share three word match reports after Huddersfield win


Some Tottenham Hotspur fans have been sharing their three-word match reports with us following yesterday’s 2-0 win at Huddersfield Town.

Two first-half goals from star striker Harry Kane proved to be enough for Mauricio Pochettino’s side to pick up their third successive victory.

It wasn’t a classic Spurs performance by any measure, but the important part was that all three points returned to N17 and we moved up into fourth in the Premier League table.

Such is Kane’s prolificness, he is now the top scorer at Huddersfield Town’s stadium in the Premier League, with four goals in two appearances which is more than any of their own players on their home turf.

Here’s a selection of thoughts from your fellow fans before attentions turn to Barcelona on Wednesday night in the Champions League.

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  1. Have to agree with the comment about dropping Dier.
    Yes, he plays the odd good ball & made a good tackle yesterday but, thats about your lot really!
    He nearly always passes side ways or backwards, when he does play forward it’s nearly always to the opposition!
    I love Poch, he is the best manager we’ve had since Keith Burkinshaw, but I some times scratch my head at the team selection & subs.
    Every player has improved under Poch but Dier has gone backwards & big time!
    Every game for as long as I can remember he gives possession away or passes the ball without even looking, just expecting it to go to a Spurs player.
    Recent games he’s actually given the opposition great chances to score!
    Poch needs to drop him for a few games & he needs to spend time learning from the moose on how to keep the ball & loads of extra training sessions on how NOT to keep on giving the ball away making stupid schoolboy error mistakes, every single game!
    I’m a nervous wreck whenever he’s in the starting XI, even more so when he plays at CB, then I have no bloody nails left!!
    If the rumours were true last season about Mourinho wanting Dier for £50 million, we should’ve bitten Man Utd’s hand off & sold him to add even more trouble to the self proclaimed “Special One”

  2. 1 fan on here and this so called spurs web site sensationalises the comment u first class pratt mate and this is an american who watches on google box are u a spurs fan NEAL because u don t sound like it

  3. I’m sick of these so called fans decrying our players. We’d bloody well miss Dier, if we didn’t have him.
    If you’d actually been watching our club over the past 4 years, you’d have seen that he is an exceptional player when the team (our best 11) is gelling. You obviously can’t see what he brings to matches, because no doubt most of you have never played football in your lives, of to Poch’s system. But then you’re probably the same fans who’ve moaned about Alli, Davies, Lamela, Tripps et al in the past year. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, or just how beneficial such players like Dier are.
    Sure he’s had form problems ..so have many, including Kane, but just who do you think you could replace Dier with?? Wanyama? He’s a good back up but not as tactically aware as Dier as a DM. Winks and Dembele aren’t DMs so who else do you think could do the job in front of the defence and at the level required??


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