Poch on Spurs legacy – ‘I’m not a person who thinks I want to be here 10 years to build something’


Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino has today been talking about the long-term legacy at the club.

Chairman Daniel Levy has been working tirelessly for many years now to leave a long-lasting mark at the club.

The training facilities, the new stadium, new sponsorship deals, they are all in place to provide Tottenham with a platform from which to grow in the future.

Pochettino has told the media that this idea of a legacy is important to Daniel Levy (HITC).

But what about the Argentine’s attitude to his long-term future at the club, does he want to be part of this legacy?

It appears that Pochettino’s mind is firmly set from game to game, rather than looking too far into the future.

Since taking over, he has transformed Spurs into Champions League regulars, qualifying in third place in the Prem for the last few years now.

However, the manager is still looking for his first trophy as a boss, and it is unclear how long he will be at Spurs to achieve this.

Hopefully Levy gives him the financial backing to invest in some new players.

Poch said (HITC): “He is working so hard, too hard, to leave a legacy forever and I think that’s fantastic. For me it is about my possibility to work and provide the club what they expect from you. I have a clear idea of what the club expects from us and I try to do my job in the best condition.

“I am not a person who thinks I want to be here 10 years to build something. I know very well in football you need to take a decision, the best decision for the club, you need to work with the club and the club expects from you that you deliver some work and at the end I know very well that every game is a test for me.”


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