Poch should leave as Man Utd will always be bigger than Tottenham claims pundit


Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has insisted that Mauricio Pochettino has to take the Manchester United job if it is offered to him.

Manchester United have appointed former striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on an interim basis until the end of the season.

The Tottenham boss has been heavily linked with the job all week with several former Man Utd players coming out and insisting that Pochettino is the right fit for the role. However, some people have questioned the wisdom of Pochettino leaving Tottenham for Old Trafford, given that he has managed to build a great team at Tottenham.

Carragher, however, believes that regardless of Spurs’ position in the table, Pochettino will leave as Manchester United will always be a bigger club than Tottenham.

In a column for The Telegraph, Carragher wrote, “If Mauricio Pochettino is offered the Manchester United job, he has to take it. That is hard for Tottenham Hotspur supporters to accept. Sadly for them, it is inevitable that they are prey to a more powerful Premier League rival.”

“Hearing some arguments against Pochettino moving to Manchester United, I cannot help but think a reality check is needed. I do not write this to be disrespectful to Spurs. It goes without saying I am no United fan. I am obliged to assess as a neutral, trying to explain why – as the No 1 target – it will be tough for Pochettino to reject Old Trafford.”

“It does not matter how great Spurs’ new stadium is and how many supporters fill it. It does not even matter what they win this season or over the next few years. Spurs are not Manchester United. They will never be as big as Manchester United.”

Carragher further wrote that the only thing that could convince Pochettino to stay at North London was his loyalty to the current squad.

He added, “Pochettino owes Spurs nothing. He has done an unbelievable job with a fraction of United’s budget. Only Pochettino’s devotion to his current squad can keep him at Tottenham, allied to a belief he is on the verge of winning the biggest honours.”

Tottenham fans will be hoping that moving into the new stadium would go some way towards changing Pochettino’s mind.

If the Argentine does leave at the end of the season, it would be a real shame if he departs trophyless particularly given the team he has built. It is thus imperative that Tottenham win a trophy this season.

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  1. Jamie Carragher says Pochettino should take the Utd job. Why would he take a step backwards as we are 13 points ahead of them and why doesn’t he suggest that Klopp would be the ideal candidate,or is he scared that we might overtake them in the league. Keep your thoughts to yourself and give Poch a rest to continue to try and topple you from 1st.

  2. Who does Carragher think he is – a Pundit!!!

    The Press should show more respect for Tottenham, where more has been achieved without spending the megabucks spent by United. Money does not buy success and high salaies does not guarantee players’ commitment e.g. Sanchez, Pogba etc etc.

    I think Press comments will make the Spurs players even more determined to win something for their manager.

  3. Never say never, Carragher. Your short term memory and lack of football history clearly shows that you know nothing about Tottenham or what they once achieved as one of the biggest clubs in Europe! Same with your love-in buddy, Neville. If your memory stretches only back to the start of the PL years, then yes, United are far bigger than Spurs …even though we’ve outperformed United in the PL for the past 4 years! United, Liverpool, Arsenal and more recently City and Chelsea deserve their huge status in the world, but you can’t always sustain your prestige through your ‘history’ if results aren’t accompanying it. Spurs are on the up again ..and there is no way you can predict that they won’t be bigger (assuming they can maintain this growth) than Man U or others within 10 years. Keeping our squad together, and building on it, spending sensibly instead of throwing stupid money at mediocre players, keeping our manager (like United kept Fergie, and Arsenal kept Wenger), our great stadium and 1st class training facilities ..is paramount for that success.
    But if I were Poch and Levy, I would put Carragher’s ignorant spoutings up on the wall at Tottenham’s training ground, and the new stadium’s home changing room. Spurs have a huge ‘together mentality’, and smug pundits/media outlets with agendas aimed at only sustaining the profiles of their favoured ‘giants’, and keeping all competition at bay, should really watch out it doesn’t backfire on them. Don’t be fooled, Poch, into leaving a growing giant of a club, for one that’s on the slide, because you WON’T be given the time to rebuild as you may think. And I know YOU won’t be fooled, Levy, into selling your key piece of the Tottenham jigsaw for the price (£40m???) of some mediocre midfield player. COYS

  4. Cleary you mug you did,nt see us go toe to toe against a strong Barca at home and even outclassed them is the second half…at the N Camp …described by Barca mge as the best performance of a foreign team there for years ——-two bob failed footballer MUG

  5. James Carragher, you, and other man united supporters (pundits) need to check yourselves.
    What your suggesting is Poch move to Man United to improve that club. That says to me you don’t like or care from a sportsman like manner for Spurs either. May the best team win , that’s what sports is all about . Why would every one speculate that Poch should take the job?! He has a job with Spurs. What your saying is you don’t give a hoot about Spurs. Man United has had it’s day, all good things must come to an end. Your end is now. I cannot believe you and many others have this hateful attitude towards Spurs for no real reason at all. CHECK YOURSELVES MENTALLY FOR WHAT YOU ALL CONTINUE TO SUGGEST. GOOD BYE.

  6. Poch has done a great job at spurs and long may it continue.
    We can all see the reasons why many other big teams would want him as there manager, he deserves all the praise he’s getting.
    Pundits like carragher and Neville should show alot more respect for tottenham as a club, the business levy and co have maintained whilst building the squad have been impressive.
    Let’s not forget carragher is a player who spat in a child’s face over a bit of banter with a Utd supporter so I guess he owes them.


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