Pochettino answers whether his players are tired ahead of Dortmund clash

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur have had an extremely congested fixture list in the last few months due to their involvement in multiple competitions.

The fact that several key players have suffered injuries has made the problem even worse.

However, despite missing the likes of Harry Kane and Dele Alli, the Lillywhites have still managed to grind out results and remain in touch with Liverpool and Manchester City.

Pochettino was heavily critical of the FA and the Premier League for their scheduling of Tottenham’s game against Leicester last weekend.

The Argentine felt that the game could have been held on Saturday given the fact that both the Foxes and Spurs had no midweek fixture last week, as that would have given Tottenham an extra day of time to prepare for the Champions League round of 16 game against Borussia Dortmund this evening

In contrast to Spurs, Dortmund played their Bundesliga game against Hoffenheim on Saturday and have had an extra 24 hours to recover ahead of the clash.

Despite his previous protestations, Pochettino insisted that the Spurs players will not be short of energy against BVB.

Pochettino said given how big the game is, he could see the energy and the motivation in the players’ eyes and insisted that they cannot use tiredness as an excuse against Dortmund.

Speaking to Football.London, the Argentine said, “I’ve described before, or in the last few days, that it was a little bit unfair (the schedule) but that is not an excuse to arrive tomorrow in our best condition and fight to try to win.

“I think you can feel in the eyes of the players the energy. We were talking in the meeting before and it’s completely different.

“If you ask me why, I don’t know, because I’m a person whose own motivation is always high, when we play against Dortmund or Barcelona or we play against different games in different competitions.

“But of course you can feel that it’s the Champions League, that it’s going to be a massive game with, I hope, a full stadium at Wembley and of course the energy and motivation is going to be there.

“If not, if we’re not ready to compete and play in this type of place and situation, you can start to think that we have some problem. But I think we’re going to find the energy and give our best to try to be close to winning tomorrow.”

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  1. Cry me a river, Mauricio. If fatigue due to supposedly unfair scheduling isn’t an excuse, then why complain about it, or even bring it up in the first place?

    Maybe this will help: First, stop complaining. You complain too often, for too long & seemingly about everything (e.g. you’re been complaining about the fixture schedule since at least October of last year). But, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you’re a master of reverse psychology? Or maybe you should just stop acting like a whimp.

    Second, if you’re going to complain, at least make a compelling argument. I’d of easily empathized if you’d focused on the season as a whole & the physicality of the EPL. Does playing a lot of matches (most of which are in the most physically demanding league in all of football), take quite a toll on the body, as evidenced by your current list of injured players? Yes, yes & yes. You would’ve had me at EPL.

    But you didn’t go that route. Instead, you complained about the last two weeks. Over that time frame, your team has played 180 minutes over 2 matches, but gets 24 fewer hours of recovery time vs. your opponent who has played 300 minutes over 3 matches (including a 120 minute Cup match). Both teams are missing roughly the same number of players due to injury, including their respective top goal scorers. Oh, and you get to play this one at home.

    Seems pretty fair to me, Mauricio. Now suck it up; go out there & give Dortmund the gift of a long miserable flight back to Jerryland!


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