Pochettino believes that he is no longer the ‘manager’ of Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur have undoubtedly come on leaps and bounds under the strong stewardship of Mauricio Pochettino.

In just five years at the helm of the Lilywhites, the Argentine boss has developed the club from top-four challengers/hopefuls to Champions League finalists.

Such a leap would be impressive under any circumstances, but Pochettino has also done this while receiving little in the way of transfer funds and while moving stadiums.

Tottenham were forced to play at Wembley for over a season and a half while their new ground was being built, but still managed to qualify for the Champions League in 2017/18 and then reach the final in 2018/19.

So far this summer, Tottenham have brought in Tanguy Ndombele for a record transfer fee and Jack Clarke from Leeds, who went back out on loan to his old club (BBC).

However, Mauricio Pochettino has today been quite outspoken on his changing role at the club, as he believes he is now just the coach, rather than the manager, due to his lack of say in transfer matters.

Poch said (Football London): “The club need to change my title and description, no? My job now is to coach the team. It’s not a question for me, it’s a question for the club and maybe they change my title and description. I told you before I am not in charge about the individual situations. Of course, I am the boss deciding the strategic play, training, mentology and philosophy are my areas, but in another area I don’t know. Today, I feel like I am the coach.”

On why his role has changed: “I cannot answer, it’s not me. I am only the person that is on the touchline managing the team. The question is not for me and I do not have answer. I tell you what is my responsibility.

“It’s difficult to talk like this but I think it’s not in my hands. Only I describe the situation of what happens and I think it’s important for the players and people to know that I am going to be, like I told you before, that I will be happy with the squad that the club are going to provide to me. Of course, we will give our best. My mood is always the same and my emotional balance is always similar. I am emotional, but I am a person like everyone that thinks a lot. Only I describe the situation to make clear that if you have some question that I am not the person that is going to answer what you want.”

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  1. Poch is gonna leave Spurs soon. I think he’s had enough. For all that he’s given the club, he’s not really getting much back. How can he not be involved in transfer dealings??? Given that he works with the players day in day out, he will know exactly what the team needs in order to breed success. The guy clearly loves Spurs, but premised upon what he’s shared, Poch is being treated very in a very disrespectful manner.

  2. I agree Balance. It’s a huge pity what is going on. Levy is not backing up his manager who has done a wonderful job in trying circumstances. It’s looking more and more like Levy and ENIC are like a glass ceiling who will never invest in Spurs football team in a constructive and positive way.

  3. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Poch walks before the Villa game. At the very latest he’ll be gone by Christmas by which time Real Madrid and Man Utd will quite likely have sacked their managers. And then what? What big time manager would want to work under Enic and Levy? Someone probably would as long as the salary is high enough, but we’d most probably end up with an Eddie Howe type who’d be so pleased to be there he wouldn’t dare question Levy. Not that Poch is man enough to really question him either – not publicly at least – with all this nonsense of ‘different projects’ and ‘being brave’ and being happy with whatever 25 players he’ll be given. I just wish the happy-clapping masses would wake up and see what Enic’s true motives are

  4. your right poch will leave very soon and it will be a sad day when he does he as done a great job at spurs give him what he needs he deserve it

  5. Wow. Hoping that’s just a reaction to being forced to bring on Kevin n-who-do rather than roles.. But definitely sounds pretty broken.. Come on Levy. We know you love a bargain, but just tot up what we’ve spent under poch vs every other manager you’ve had. Even with the bale cash, that’s gotta be a net pile burning a hole once you factor in revenue (because hey, we’re now actually pretty damn good!)

  6. I’m not sure what to make of Poch’s comments. One minute there are reports that Poch has spoken personally to players. I’m thinking he tells Levy who he wants, but Leaves Levy to do the deals. Obviously Levy try’s it on and bids low and sets his own limit as to how are he’ll go, and I think that’s what Poch is getting at when he says it’s not in his hands. I think, like most of us, he wants Levy to pay the price but we all know he wont do that. The only way we are going to get top players is by paying like most big clubs do.

  7. This doesn’t ring true to me. Levy and ENIC aren’t stupid, no matter how much they are driven or controlled by economic pressures. They know that this is the first coach (who does deserve the title of manager) since Birkenshaw to make something of this club over a long period of time, and that we’d have been in real mess (new stadium or not) if Poch’s vision for the team hadn’t brought in considerable money from PL and CL success. So no. I do believe Poch has a huge say in who comes in and who leaves. Without a shadow of a doubt! And he believes totally in the squad and his ability to manage as well as coach.

  8. As I said before we need at least 3-4 top quality players to take us forward. However Levy will not sanction the purchases as before. Maybe le celso on deadline day. He’s only finally replaced dembele. His priority is the owner and not the team. Potch will be gone after this season if backing is not their and spurs are trophy less agaín as expected.

    Levy must be held responsible for failure to back the manager and fans should protest if potch is not backed this window.

    Levy is interested in sponsorships not players… and can not be excused if this window fails after all the manager has done.

  9. I think it’s pretty evident that Poch’ is dissatisfied with Levy’s overall approach to signing new players, and lets face it who can blame him. Whilst coming as no great surprise here – in knowing how our miserly and miopic chairman operates – it is abundantly clear that the manager/head coach shares the very same frustrations that a great many of us Spurs fans suffer with. Levy’s gameplan just fails to deliver the desired outcome and is beset by limitation and unending restriction, for me you just sense that it what is really holding Tottenham Hotspur FC back. If as people indicate here that Poch’ will finally say enough is enough and simply walk in the near future, then It will be an almighty failure on Dan Levy’s part which would leave Tottenham finding themselves in the position of having to replace an undeniably talented manager, and its difficult to see with who? Early on in the summer I really hoped the penny had finally dropped, but now Levy seems intent on doing things in the same crass manner he always has and frankly it just isn’t up to scratch. Whilst Poch’s warnings have been subtle, discreet and even dignified, put them altogether and he is so clearly sending out the loudest of messages, I so wish Mr Levy you would really take heed, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

  10. Depends how you look at it really. I think he would have said where the squad need to improve but then let Levy negotiate. If nothing happens or things happen slowly, the same questions about perceived inactivity EVERY TIME YOU DO AN INTERVIEW are bound to do your head in. It’s also missing the context , read the full exchange here:


    I don’t think it’s a different situation to any top club. If you coach the team and are in charge of football matters of course you are going to have a huge say in who comes in or leaves, but the number crunching is not your department. That is all, nothing to see and I think Poch knows that we are in a better position than Arsenal/United/Chelsea for the short/medium term.

    As for ‘being brave’ in the market, how about not signing anyone for 18 months? With all the instant gratification of the transfer market (that provides no guarantees btw, see how the Bale money was invested), it was a brave move that took balls, and it’s worked.

  11. Unfortunately if these comments from Poch are correct, he has been sold down the river again by
    Herr Levy, he is NOT MR Tottenham!! The club is bigger than him!
    Poch must be given responsibility fir selecting players that he wants to buy and players he wants to leave the club!
    Even Ole at Man U seems to have input and control and he has only been there for 5mins!
    This says the structure at Spurs is all wrong!
    So what’s the options?
    Levy steps back and gives Poch responsibility? Levy moves on? Someone buys the club and gives Poch the control he must have or Poch leaves! No one wants this!
    Then Spurs go backwards and have issues getting a coach/ manager who has no control?
    Needs sorting immediately otherwise spurs will go backwards very quick,,,,!!!!!!

  12. As I said earlier, I do think Poch has a say on who he wants but the problem is, he doesn’t have the checkbook. No manager at any club does. Levy is not the owner and is clearly under orders from Enic to ballance the books season by season as far as transfers are concerned to maximise overall profits. That’s surely where the problem lies, with Enic.


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