Pochettino calls for Eriksen improvement

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Mauricio Pochettino has called for Christian Eriksen to show an improvement in the final third of the pitch.

The Dane was once again unimpressive in Tottenham’s 1-1 draw against Leicester City in what has been a poor start to the season by the former Ajax playmaker.

Many had put it down to prolonged contract negotiations between Eriksen and the club which may have been a distraction, but there hasn’t been an improvement in form nor a goal for the club this season.

“Eriksen needs to improve,” Pochettino said.

“He needs to be more determined to score. It’s belief. It happens in football. We are in a difficult period since the international break. Against Manchester City we were very, very good. We were unlucky that the international break came. We lost lots of players. But we are unbeaten with two important games coming up: Leverkusen and and Arsenal.”

What do you make of Eriksen’s form this season?  Have your say below.

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  1. i said last season we carry ericksen i dident want him to signa new contract as to me he gives nithing to the team we ned a creative midfilder not ericksen

    • Eriksen had 13 assists last year for Spurs and 3.3 key passes per game. Only Ozil had more then Christian yet your comment is that we carried him last year and that he isn't a creative player. Modrics best season with Spurs creatively was 4 assists and 2.6 key passes per game. Van der Varts best year with Spurs creatively was 8 assists and 2.4 key passes per game. Now explain how we carried him and that we need a creative midfielder. And don't start with the he doesn't tackle because the stats show that Dele, Lamela, and Eriksen are almost identical. Eriksen just doesn't give away dumb fouls like the other two.

  2. We need to take Eriksen off free kicks. He has scored 2 (both in the same game) over the last two seasons, 3 in 14/15 and the one v WBA in Dec the season before that started it all off. A total of 6 in almost 3 years: not anywhere good enough.Put Janssen or Lamela for left footed free kicks & Son or Dier for right footed. Poch should work it out in training but none of them could do any worse than Eriksen.

  3. He is RUBBISH as is Son and lamela . Jansen is a FLOP AND SHOULD BE SOLD IN JANUARY he is another Soldado we need to buy a quality striker and fast. Ponchettino needs to toughen the team up fast and be ruthless we should have beaten the last three teams we played in the EPL.

  4. I've been so disappointed in his play and I've pointed it out to only catch flack from his fans… I want him to play well but I can't stand the lackluster performances and he'S supposed to be pulling the strings for our offense! Geppetto has lost his marionette handbook!

  5. Calling for Eriksen improvement ,, he has not exactly had any good games since the start of the season and a lot of times he is missing in games ,, If Poch is so concerned about him. why not give him a spell on the bench , might teach the lazy twat a lesson and let him know that unless he is actually trying and puting in decent tackles he will be dropped ,, Think the only reason he gets a game every week , is that we are relying on him to score from free kicks …
    If the bloke is not interested and does not improve , ship him out in January ,,


  7. Most overrated player we have at the moment he's a passenger in the team. Supposed to be a creative player, but creates virtually nothing in the opposition box, and when did he last score? Runs around a lot but cant tackle, , leave him out for a while and give Harry Winks a chance.

  8. Below par performance from all midfield.Erickson needs to get his head up and stop running round like headless chic.One good game in ten not acceptable.Three points from possible nine says enough.COYS.

  9. Give Poch the rains let him sign the players he wants, get rid of all the dead wood that Daniel Levy has wasted money on just remember it's him how has brought some of these players in, we can not blame Players, Levy has paid silly money for.
    Let the manager do his job and let him pick his players this January window.
    believe me it will not get better untill Levy stops wasting TOTTENHAM HOTSURS TRANSFER MONEY

  10. Be Leave me I'm Spurs Fan Through and through Jammy Groves Bobby Smith at there age would do better and show them how to hit THE ONION BAG AND THEY WERE NOT ON THE SAME MONEY THESE USELESS LOT ARE EARNING

  11. The new stadium will be for American Football Not Tottenham Football team the way it's being run if SPURS go DOWN not scoring and Drawing every Week

  12. OK, so if everyone is fit, what would our first 11 look like without Eriksen? Maybe


    Walker, Vertongen, Alderweireld, Rose

    DIer, Wanyama,

    Lamela, Dembele, Son


  13. this team have only two finisher.
    they are kane, son as recored.
    the others are not scorer.
    Eriksen, Lamela, All haven't got many goals so far.
    poche should know that these 3 player are focusing to be passer.
    they have to support two finisher.

  14. Eriksen is a great free-kick taker… I wonder why he often starts on the wing… he is a central midfielder… I think often positioning on a wing limits his impact dramatically.

  15. Give Poch the rains let him sign the players he wants, get rid of all the dead wood that Daniel Levy has wasted money on just remember it's him how has brought some of these players in, we can not blame Players, Levy has paid silly money for them


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