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According to an article by Yahoo Sport Mauricio Pochettino is considering leaving Tottenham Hotspur for Real Madrid at the end of this season.

Madrid president Florentino Perez is looking to replace Zinedine Zidane as coach should the Frenchman fail to retain the Champions League and has made his interest in hiring Pochettino clear.

Perez has be left exasperated by Real’s poor league form this season and is also conscious of the possibility that Zidane may elect to voluntarily step down from a position he’s held since January 2016 even if he leads the club to a third straight European title.

The article adds that according to Madrid sources, Pochettino is the preferred candidate to succeed Zidane.

The Argentine began his managerial career in the Spanish league with Espanyol. In his sixth season in English football, and he is highly regarded for his work at first Southampton and then Tottenham.

Although still to lift silverware as a coach, the 46-year-old is on course to qualify the Spurs for a third consecutive Champions League campaign, finished second in the Premier League last season, and reached the 2015 League Cup Final.

Pochettino’s Tottenham contract runs until 2021 and the article adds how chairman Daniel Levy keen on a further extension. Pochettino is known for taking a long-term, relatively low-risk approach to his career, stepping back from interest from Manchester United in 2016 as he was conscious of the scale of the task involved in rebuilding one of the world’s two largest football clubs.

The article goes on to say that working at Madrid, however, has been a long-held ambition and while Tottenham made significant progress in winning a Champions League group containing Madrid and Borussia Dortmund this season, Pochettino’s team have failed to build on recent strong Premier League campaigns and currently lie fourth in the division.

Following our 2-1 defeat to Manchester United in Saturday’s FA Cup Semi Final,  Pochettino repeatedly mentioned his own future at Tottenham in a series of media interviews.

“Everyone feels that we are close, we are close, it is nearly to touch,” he said. “But I think it is the only way to reach this last level, that will allow you not just to compete, but to win. Over the last four years we are building a very good team, trying to create the winning mentality, but at the moment it is not enough.

He added: “I think Tottenham need to keep going in this direction, and to create that winning mentality is not about a few years. Tottenham need more time, with me or with another.We are now competitive, but to win a trophy, that is not easy. For me now the most important thing is to finish in the top four and play in the Champions League.

He also added: “We have played the whole season at Wembley; that is stressful not only for the team, but for the fans. You have to keep going. I am disappointed. When the game ended I was very frustrated, but quickly I move on. I am thinking of finishing the season in the right way.”

The article concludes by saying when contacted by Yahoo Sport this morning, Tottenham declined to comment.

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  1. If Poch wants a comfortable life (without being remembered and feted in football history) then he’ll choose Real Madrid. In a few years time he might then be manager of Aston Villa, just as Benitez is the manager of Newcastle. Can anyone actually even remember the coach before Zidane? And will anyone, in a few RM coaches hence, remember Zidane as the coach who also took RM to quite a few trophies? No, they’ll just remember him as a great footballer. And they’ll only remember RM’s historical achievements, not who coached them to such achievements. It’s because RM are serial winners of things, and, like United, Chelsea and City etc., merely want to ‘spend’ their way to more victories/trophies. It’s expected. Poch can’t simply go in and rebuild at RM, and set the club in his image over 3 or 4 seasons. If he fails to win a couple of trophies in his first year, he’ll probably get kicked out. And the Galacticos won’t give him the attention and respect that Spurs players do. At Spurs, Poch has a genuine and fruitful challenge. Immediately, of course, it’s to change the Spurs mindset when it comes to winning huge one-off games, as opposed to just accumulating points against the bigger teams. But in the long run, it’s about the hope of creating a Poch dynasty! He may never be similar to Wenger and Fergie, in recent times, and he may never match what Billy Nick did, but he has a chance of leaving a legacy, of going down in history as a Spurs Great, perhaps even a statue outside the new ground, of being instrumental in the new Glory Years. We may not get to that promised land with Poch in charge, but it will be his foundation that can help us to get there. Meanwhile, we all have a dream at Spurs, including Poch. What’s he going to dream about at RM? Winning the CL? Winning La Liga? Winning the World Club C’ship? So what! Him and loads of other RM coaches! Instead, let Poch have a real dream and challenge that SPURS can do those things (well, not La Liga, perhaps) and when they come true, imagine how we’ll ALL feel. And for Poch, the rewards will be immense, not just in monetary terms either.


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