Pochettino explains why flares will be back in fashion

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino made a reference to flares coming back into fashion in future as part of his analogy of football coaching trends.

Pochettino was speaking at a UEFA coaching event in Madrid, Spain on Monday which was also attended by Arsenal boss Unai Emery and despite the rivalry between both clubs, the managerial pair seemed in agreement from a coaching perspective.

Both were invited to speak at the event about the changing style of football over the years which left Pochettino to reflect on how clothing fashions are continually reinvented, even when they go out of style for a set period.

The Spurs boss is well known for the high expectations he sets upon his players which includes a grueling training regime to ensure his players are fit enough to adopt of high pressing style.

Pochettino said at the event, as quoted by ESPN: “Football is ruled by trends. Now the tendency is to debate about possession,” 

“Football is so complex that any road can lead you to success. The most important thing is for the manager to transmit what he feels.

“As Unai says, emotions are fundamental. Each one has a character which is transmitted with its nuances to compose a style.”

“Nobody owns a style. When we go back in history we discover that everything was invented and reinvented,” he added.

“It’s like fashion. Forty years ago flares were worn, now it is skinny jeans and in the future the flares will be back.”

Arsenal boss Emery said: “For them, the Premier League is the top competition,”

“They also want to win the Champions League but they have come up with three teams recently that have been imposed themselves.

“They are fighting for it. The Europa League they didn’t see it as a tournament where you could do something important. It was too much of a sacrifice.

“The English culture is the Premier League, the Champions League and the Europa League are for those teams that need it.

“This season I’m transmitting to my players that the Europa League is very important.”

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