Pochettino gives his view on the Spurs performance against Liverpool

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur have now won just four games from 14 this season as they lost 2-1 away from home at Anfield this evening.

Spurs took the lead inside one minute against the league leaders, but failed to defend that lead as Henderson and Salah struck in the second half to wipe out Kane’s goal.

The mind drifts back to big away fixtures against Olympiacos and Arsenal in which Spurs also took the lead and handed the home sides two goals to get back into the tie.

Despite the complete one-way traffic at Anfield today and the fact that Spurs were hanging on from the second minute onwards, Pochettino seemed happy with his team’s display.

Poch said (Football London): “We played well but when we scored early the team tried to defend. I think the first half was difficult to connect and play. The second half the game was under control more and we started creating chances. When you don’t score you know the crowd are going to push the team on here at Anfield.

“It depends. Different faces during the game. I thought we played well. Of course, when we scored so early the team tried to defend and we missed a bit to play, a little too much with the ball. In the first half, it was difficult to connect and play and try to go forward and dominate the game how we planned. Of course, when we scored so early it was like we need to defend, defend, defend.”

Spurs Web Opinion:

This is the most worrying thing for me. If Pochettino thinks Spurs played well today and the likes of Eriksen, Rose, and Aurier did a good job, then the problems simply will not get fixed. You can’t go around talking like everything is sunshine and rainbows in the midst of a crisis.

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  1. He has nothing to worry about because he won’t be sacked. We would be mad to sack him is what everyone says. Yet every time now it’s the same rubbish. Oh well on to Everton and you guessed it another away defeat I predict

  2. As difficult as it is to say this, and with I might add tinged by a mixture of increasing disbelief and a burgeoning sense of disappointment I am beginning to feel the clamorous yet inevitable notion that this really is the beginning of the end for Pochettino, and Tottenham’s five year love affair. I am at a loss to understand either the logic of Poch’s underwhelming defensive tactics today, or what can be construed as a perceivable and cringing acceptance that we are not even good enough to attempt to compete to win. Tottenham may well have started with a significant albeit fortunate flourish, but the sad truth here is essentially that was the beginning and the end of it wrapped into one, as Spurs merely faded away obscurely in the heart of Jurgen Klopp’s demonstrative Liverpool show! Of course no-one can really argue that Tottenham didn’t defend resolutely in the first half, but at times their survival was precariously hinged upon luck as much as judgement, as the reds marched ruthlessly and relentlessly through a wavering defence. Gazzaniga himself gave a superflous performance throughout – and possibly his best overall – with some truly inspirational goalkeeping, but there was an uneasy air as proceedings unfolded that Liverpool’s overriding persistence would eventually pay off as proved to be conclusively the case. I can understand to some extent why Poch’ opted to soak up Liverpool’s unflinching pressure in the first 45 mins and did so successfully despite a barrage of solid if not magnificent attacks. At 0-1 and with a further 45 mins to go to my mind Tottenham’s approach to the home side and with the slenderest of leads had to be more aggressive, yet somehow Poch had clearly decided to stick with his ill-fated game plan allowing Liverpool to savagely dominate and plunder our defence. Finally the crack appeared as Tottenham succumbed to the constant attacks, with a goal, then a somewhat dubious penalty decision which I personally still question if I’m totally honest. In spite of my own feeling upon the latter however I can’t say I’m exactly surprised by the turn of events or indeed final result given how so thoroughly Liverpool were allowed to dominate the game. It seems fairly evident on today’s performance that the much desired uplift in Tottenham’s own form and confidence following their midweek CL thrashing of Red Star Belgrade was in turn rather short lived, and despite Poch’s insistence that Spurs played well today, I would beg to differ. For me it doesn’t seem so long ago that Tottenham’s aggressive and dominant high press and attacking style of football was considered among the best around; now however the players look lost unable to control the play in a system which is both confusing and alarming to boot, they have lost their identity and their ambition and I fear radical change is now necessary to reverse this trend. Perhaps this is an indirect result of the constant and often unwarranted media speculation directed at Tottenham and Pochettino himself as regards the Argentines tenure and future position, but it is clear this attention has brought with it a nagging uncertainty that is now undermining the core stability of Tottenham as a football club. When you consider the underlying and core component to THFC is the well known tenet “To dare is to do” you have to question if that principle is now being adhered to as throughly as the club and its followers would desire? Because for now I don’t see a lot of daring, and certainly not a lot of doing that is for certain!


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