Pochettino labels Harry Kane headbutt as fantastic – ‘It is normal to behave like this’

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It is rare to see Harry Kane ruffled on the pitch, vice captain for Tottenham and captain of England, he is usually composed and collected.

Despite his usual professional attitude, Kane undoubtedly lost his head against Chelsea in midweek, after a disagreement with the Blues back line.

After Davin Sanchez sportingly clipped the ball back to the Chelsea keeper after the Blues had originally put the ball out due to an injury, David Luiz tried to be clever and control it with his head.

With the ball back in play, Harry Kane decided it was fair game to start closing it down again, after all, Luiz had decided not to let it go through into his keeper’s arms.

Luiz, Azpilicueta and Caballero took offence to this action, as they believed Kane should have given Chelsea more time on the ball first.

Things got heated, and Kane appeared to lean into Azpilicueta with his forehead, something that usually would see a red card. Kane received no on-pitch or retrospective punishment.

Poch had this to say on the matter (Football London): “He was very professional in the action. I wasn’t worried because I knew what happened was going to happen.

“He is a player that cares about the club, the team and the result and it is normal to behave like this. The reaction is fantastic from my point of view because it is a player that cares about what has happened. It should be strange or different if he didn’t show that character or show the message that he cares about the result, he cares about the situation, he cares about the club. That is the most important thing in my point of view.”

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