Pochettino makes worrying claim about his current Spurs squad

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur sank to their first defeat of the season today as Newcastle came to visit the new stadium, defeating the Lilywhites 1-0.

The Magpies took the lead through a pretty simple move in the first half which was finished off cooly by Joelinton.

Spurs were never able to recover as they lacked a cutting edge for the third week in a row, despite enjoying hefty amounts of possession against Newcastle.

The likes of Harry Kane, Lucas Moura, and Heung Min Son barely had a sniff of the opposition net and Spurs didn’t really come close to scoring in the 90 minutes.

The European transfer window is still open for another week and Tottenham fans may be worried that their squad will be weakened even more in that time.

Pochettino has revealed that the current crop is the most unsettled Tottenham side he has worked with in his six years in North London.

He said (Football London): “Why you try to get me to tell you something you know better than me. You have more information than me. You know very well and I told you in pre-season, before Aston Villa, after Aston Villa, positive result or negative result the group is still unsettled. We need to find solutions. We have one week more to wait and see what happens in the last 10 days.

“I think this is my sixth season and the most unsettled group we are working with. That is why we are relaxed and calm. Some situations we cannot fix. Nothing to say about that, situations that are going on in the squad. Still we need to wait.

“That is the circumstances after playing the Champions League on June 1, we knew that some situations like this would happen but for us and the club it’s difficult to handle. What can we do? We can only wait. I say again, you have for sure more information than me about what’s happening in the market and that’s why I cannot do more than try to help the team find the best dynamic to train and not to create too many problems and be a person who is not being very emphatic, but understand every single situation and try to get a good result.”

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  1. Unsettled ? Just get the team to play with more urgency. Not in extra time. Right from the start. Please do not blame the players. Take responsibility first.

  2. I watched the Barcelona vs bettis tonight. Barcelona were missing the big three but those who came in got it right in the end. Great game great play so is it the players or the way they are coached.

  3. Do Poch realize that they buying Sánchez and playing him is a liability? Do u think Kyle is ready to step up in the PL after Tripper left? We are in need of another RB as well as another powerful CB but not Sánchez type because he is too soft and slow. I really don’t know how and what are they playing against Newcastle. We might need another Dembele type because Ndombele he himself might not be able to lift the team all by himself. Both the Harrys are not performing up to expectations and especially Winks who is liked playing in a lost world. Is it the coach’s problem or players’ problem? It seems liked most of the players are getting lost and out of touch. Newcastle showed the rest of the team of how to break us down in our home ground. Is it another Wembley ground which come back to haunt us again and this is not a good sign. I hope I am wrong n fingers crossed ??. But something and somewhere have to be done immediately by Poch and his coaches, if not we are into a long night for this season and out of top 6 by the end of the it. Spurs fan bring frustrated…

  4. The team and your moves are too predictable Mr.MP!
    Aston Villa did it, now Newcastle copied the exact tactics and formation on how to beat our Spurs! Also, how can the EPL be satisfied with this type of display? Spurs 80% possession, Newcastle 20%, it was an absolute fiasco – great for the defending teams but not for the clubs that are trying to play free flowing football!
    There are obvious signs of major problems within the team, and it does show! Example…Vertongen disregarded, Winks oblivious in his style of negative play, Sissoko too afraid to strike, Walker Peters not up to scratch, not good enough for the first team, Eriksen should NEVER have played! HE IS unsettling the club and the team! It also looks like Harry Kane is competing with the other boys!
    Somehow the team looks divided and lost and UNHAPPY!

  5. Poch is right, a lot of the team are unsettled which doesn’t help on the pitch and it’s showing! not just that but lack of signings in key areas is hurting us aswell now because Levy is so tight, Trippier has gone after being unsettled without being replaced, now Toby, Jan, Rose, Eriksen and Poch himself are the same(unsettled) and i’m sure there are others that are fed up with not being paid the going rate and the lack of signings! also not replacing Trippier and Llorente, now we are going to lose Eriksen without a replacement because Levy failed to get in the players we need to replace him(Either Fernandes or Dybala) the whole club is in a mess due to Levy not paying the going rate and not getting in the players we need! who can blame Eriksen for leaving if Levy won’t pay the going rate or if he thinks we are lacking ambition(which we are)! all this mess is down to Levy and until we get new owners that want to win things and not just look after the balance sheet we will continue to be the nearly men that almost win things! how long before Poch goes? i don’t think it will be long after his comments! Levy talks about backing him but it’s just lies all the time, he is just taking Poch for granted and we put up with it! we have for 20 years! same old story nothing changes with Levy in charge.


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