Pochettino opens up on whether Alderweireld will be at the club long-term

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur have done well to hang on to their key players in recent seasons, despite not being able to match the wages of other top six clubs, not winning a trophy, and not signing any players this year.

However, Toby Alderweireld is one that many expect to leave North London this summer, as his contract draws to a close.

Tottenham extended his current deal for an extra season this year, however this activated a clause in the contract that will allow him to leave if a bid of £25m comes in prior to the last two weeks of the window closing.

The likelihood of such a big coming in is extremely high, as top clubs will surely not pass up the opportunity to sign one of the world’s best centre backs for such a minimal fee.

The best that Spurs can hope for is if Toby decides to play out his contract in order to spend an entire season in the new stadium.

Pochettino opened up on Alderweireld’s speculation in his press conference (Football London): “It’s the same as myself. Last season, how many rumours about were there him and others? And at the end we are all here. He’s in our plans, of course and then, here in Tottenham the circumstances about what you want, your agent, your dad, your family, your club, your manager, your chairman.

“It is about many things together in the same place take the best decision for everyone. But it’s not only a decision from one side, it is not always. There are a lot of components that make the best decision for the club and in this case the player.”

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  1. Did anyone actually expect Pochettino to give a definite YES/NO response to a stupid question? The man is far too diplomatic to give a straight answer. In fact, he should have been a politician. The will he wont he cat and mouse game’s in the press regarding Alderweireld contractual situation will continue right up until the new season is on the horizon.

  2. Personally, I am tired of reading headlines that purport to “know more” or “open up” about Toby’s “situation”. We must have seen hundreds of stories from this site (and others) that purport to give us an update BUT the story never changes. Why don’t you stop publishing stories UNTIL something really changes?

    I wonder if the moderators will even post this comment?

  3. The 25 m clause is of no value to Toby. Last year – bouyed by false promises from Woodward and Moutinho; he decided to hang tough and wait to see what MAn U offered. In Typical woodward fashion, it was nothing. This year he is still hoping that someone (Juventas ?? Ajax?) will pick up the option AND offer him a decent 2-3 year contract. If that doesn’t happen – it falls to Levy to evaluate the offer. He may well decide to match or beat the personal terms- in which case Alderweireld stays with Spurs. We will have no idea what will happen until the firstoffere comes in.


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